Play-Doh Games – Maths Basic Subtraction for Kids

A fun and interactive Maths video featuring a Play-Doh game as a resource. Use Play-Doh for kids to create a ‘Subtraction Splat’ game which your child will enjoy playing over and over. A great way to practice the concept of basic subtraction is by using practical, hands-on resources that will allow your child to visualise and actively understand this mathematical concept.

Play-Doh numbers games for kids. Use Play-Doh games to help your child learn to write, form and understand and work with numbers.

Learn with Play Doh – Math Games for Kids – How to Add?

Are you wondering about the lessons that could be taught by using Play-Doh? There are several lessons that you could teach your kids while letting them play with Play-Doh, those which are related to maths, those related to English and the alphabet and as Michelle has done in this video, it could be about creating patterns and paying attention to direction.

Play Doh Fun | Play Dough Literacy Activities | Play Dough Letters | Letter Formation | Writing KS1

You might even be one of those who faced some difficulties while trying to tell which is the right direction and which is left when you were a kid, and that might be the same struggle that your kids are dealing with these days. Playing sometimes gives children the chance to learn something new, but in order to reach this point, you should choose the right game or the right toy.

Play-doh is one of the kids’ favourite toys which they love to play with and make different shapes, and this is one great opportunity for all the parents out there to use play doh in order to support the kids in the learning process they want to follow as a part of the homeschooling journey. In this video, play-doh is the main tool used in the lesson but there are also other ones included and which are a Lego piece, a small toy character and a block or stamp.

Learning Numbers | Play-Doh | Learning with Play-Doh | KS1 | Maths for Teachers | Maths | Math Games

Michelle’s main goal in this video is to teach Aaron and make him good when it comes to creating a pattern and at the same time know more about directions. Michelle asked Aaron first to use two different tools and make a pattern on the play doh and then she gave him the permission to use a third tool and do another pattern. Aaron made his patterns and we have to say that a pattern means using the tools in the same order – for it to end up being a pattern – and that is why it is always important to pay attention in order to see whether the kid is really making a pattern or just playing around.

When you are watching your kid creating this pattern, build a conversation with him and ask about the tools he will use, what he will make, what will the pattern look like, etc. because this will give him more space to think and share his thoughts with you.

There are different educational videos and resources which you could find on our channel, LearningMole, that will give you ideas about the lessons that you could teach your kid with using play doh – sometimes adding other tools to it like we have done in this video. We have used play doh to teach the kids how to count and this could be viewed through this link (   • Play Doh for Coun…  ) and we have also tried to play games that would include counting but not in a direct way, you could also see it through this link (   • Learning Numbers …  ).

You could use play doh in different ways and in teaching the kids to do several things, you could use it to let them count numbers, you could use it also to let them learn to write down these numbers, you could use it to build shapes with them and you could also use it to teach them letters by also letting them do the shapes of the letters. We have tried this before with letting James do numbers with the play doh and it turned out to be a successful and interesting technique for him (   • Math Games for Ki…  ).

It is always important to make use of the games and toys that the kids have at home to teach them something because this would always make the teaching process much more interesting for them and will always make them want to know and learn more. Homeschooling is one thing that parents are following nowadays to a great extent for a certain age and for them to end up being successful at it, they should find the right educational resources that will support them and here we have lots of the things that you might be searching for.

Always make sure to be part of the lesson you are giving to your child and give them the chance to ask and question you, but always make sure that they know the answer to their questions and are not just imposing them for the sake of playing – trick them through it. If you have any questions just send them over and we will be very excited to offer you our help! Hopefully, you enjoyed our Play-Doh Games – perfect for any child from 3 years to 5 years old to older!

Play-Doh Games – Maths Basic Subtraction for Kids
Play-Doh Games – Maths Basic Subtraction for Kids

Play-Doh Games – the best way to have fun and learn

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