Play Doh- Counting with Toys- KS1, KS2, ESL & EFL


Do you want to know how to use play doh for teaching kids how to count and match? LearningMole provides different educational videos and resources that will help you to bring some ideas to the homeschooling journey you are going through with your kid. Teaching the kid how to count is not hard but it might end up being hard for them according to the way you are using to bring the piece of information to their minds. A parent should always choose the mind games which the kid loves to play with in order to educate them and thus reach the outcome they were looking up to in their homeschooling journey. In this video, Michelle was playing with James in an attempt to teach him how to count and match. Counting and Matching was never a hard thing to be done by the kids but you should teach them to count in the correct order without forgetting a number in the middle of the way.