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What are tricky words? Tricky words are those that do not follow a phonetic pattern and that’s why kids could not sound them out. Some of these words are important to teach to the kids and keep reminding them every now and then with these words in order to let them manage spelling them correctly (Tricky Words for Kids).

Tricky words are part of phonics, which are the sounds pronounced by every single letter in the English alphabet, which will later on bring the kids to the part where they will manage to read out the words correctly (What is Phonics). Tricky words are part of the phonetic lessons but they don’t follow a specific pattern and that’s exactly the same reason why they should be focused on separately and taught to the kids in separate lessons.

Using different resources in the lessons that you are teaching your child is always important because it will help to make the kids more excited and thus more able to learn and receive the information delivered. In this video, the tools we are using are very simple, an earbud and a little bit of paint, and leave the kid to do the magic and show you their artistic side.

The two different tricky words which were chosen in this educational video and lesson were “was” and “they”. First, let the kids read the words and pronounce them correctly before asking them to trace the letters down and then write the words. The written words will always act as a backup for the kids to look at and imitate, so sometimes clearing the whole thing could actually help to test their memory and see how far they could actually get.

Phonics in general could be taught in lots of different ways and through different games that could always keep the child interested and excited, and most of these games could be played with the tools or resources that are found at home, so parents should never worry about having to buy new things while homeschooling their kids.

Homeschooling the kids is important but at the same time parents should be always creative with the lessons they choose to teach the kids through because choosing boring techniques will not make the kids excited and wanting to learn or even repeat the lesson.

We have some phonics games and activities on our channel which you could use to educate your child, it could be about starting the whole journey with them and teach them decoding and blending (What is Decoding). and it could be about those different games used in the actual process of learning, such as playing the XO and letting them spell and write the words correctly (Spelling and Phonics)

There are lots of other games and activities that parents could play with their children, they just have to think about what could be done with those tools and resources found at home and how they could turn the real old games into some educational ones (Phonics for Kids)

Let the kids lead the game at some specific moments because that’s when they will ask you to repeat the game and thus will manage to learn more things in a faster way upon their own personal request.

Did your kids learn to write down “was” and “they” and spell them correctly or not yet? Let them paint their own letters right now! Enjoy this video and learn a new lesson idea that could help the kids learn some tricky words in a creative way.

Phonics games will really help your child to learn to spell, learn English and learn to read. This video will help with spelling words for Grade 1, year 1 spellings and spelling words at all levels.

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