Online Homeschool: 4 Inspiring Resources for Learning History

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Learning history can seem dull when it’s done in a textbook. The opportunities online homeschool offers to those with interests in the past are fantastic, delving deep into society and the way things are.

Interactive history sites provide a unique opportunity to bring the past to life and encourage children to take an interest in the time that came before them.

Online Homeschool
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Online homeschool can present children with the tools to understand their present and future by learning about their past.

From the history of nations to why objects were created, history has much to teach us. With the incredible online resources available to us, learning history has become an important part of daily life and personal curriculum.

Online Homeschool of History: PBS Online

While famous for being a history channel, PBS Online hosts a plethora of information online for people to utilise. A phenomenal online resource, PBS has information on historical events and personalities, with some of their information being shown in historical dramas and videos that grip the viewer.

PBS has an assorted and diverse web catalogue. Providing primary and secondary sources for viewers to investigate further, PBS has a fully engaging collection of interviews, timelines, glossaries, photos, and links to relevant sites to build upon the knowledge of their videos.

They cover a wide range of topics as well with features in American History, World History, History on Television, and Biographies.

The PBS Teacher Source is a perfect place to retrieve online homeschool resources for parents, guardians and educators who are trying to make the best of learning from home.

They offer an array of lesson plans and activities to get children involved with history.

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Living History: The Center for History and New Media

The Center for History and New Media or the CHNM came into existence 25 years ago when founder Roy Rosenzweig set up the centre with early support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

His mission was to create digital projects that reinvented the boundaries of history and connected its importance to the humanities.

Over the last 25 years, over one hundred different projects have been produced and are used by tens of millions of people annually.

Over 130 individuals have worked on these projects to create some of the most collaborative and extensive research in the realms of the humanities.

Multi-disciplinary, humanities scholars have worked with researchers, software developers, designers, and media producers to develop lasting content that has had a lasting impact on academic fields throughout the globe.

These academics and technical specialists come from all over the world to develop online programs to cater to online homeschool content.

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Using technology to democratise history, CHNM has pushed the boundaries of digital humanities by creating work that incorporates multiple voices, encourages participation in the preservation of the past, and is specifically designed to reach a diverse audience.

Very driven by accessibility, their work is openly sourced and created to be collaborative.

A fantastic, beautiful site allows people to engage from an online homeschool model.

The Center for History and New Media hosts many project websites that provide digital tools for children and people to teach, learn, and conduct research.

With over 16 million visitors to their site, it’s become a popular online homeschool tool and is a fantastic resource to learn multiple viewpoints to historical events.

Using new media to reproduce historical works, CHNM is a tool that reflects critically on the success of new media in historical practice. Their own resources are also links to extensive syllabi and lesson plans to make online homeschool of history easier.

With essays on the history of the world and new media, they have an essential History Matters website which delves in the history of the United States.

A perfect tool for people engaging in online homeschool, it also has extensive resources to help parents, guardians and educators unlock the secrets of history for children.

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California Dreaming: Score

Famous for its surf, laid back lifestyle, and movie stars, California also provides a valuable and reliable source of historical knowledge.

The Schools of California Online Resources for Educators or Score is a project packed with online homeschool resources for students and teachers alike.

A catalogue of information, there are reviews of education and history-related websites, lesson plans, maps, and interactive media to engage with.

Split into sections of grade and content level, it is an extensive font of knowledge that covers all bases.

The content it has linked to is suitable for children of all ages and it provides a much-needed base for historical learning and for those interested in developing their child’s reflections into the past.

Online Homeschool: Digital History

For those keen on American history, Digital History serves as an American history digital textbook.

With over 400 annotated documents, primary sources on slavery, Mexican American and Native American history, and the political, social and legal history of the United States, it has an extensive back catalogue, to say the least.

A beautiful selection of short essays on the history of film, ethnicity, and technology, they give a unique insight into the private lives of people of the Americas at that time.

Their multimedia exhibitions provide a level of engaging and provocative content for people to be involved in. They have reference resources that include a searchable database with over 1500 annotated links.

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A phenomenal online homeschool resource, Digital History has an incredible amount of classroom handouts, chronologies, and glossaries.

It also hosts an audio archive that includes speeches and book talks by historians, and a visual archive with hundreds of historical maps and images – this is a perfect tool for online homeschool.

An incredible feature that Digital History offers is that of the ‘Ask the HyperHistorian’, a feature that allows users to pose questions to professional historians.

An interactive, engaging site filled with unique content and interactive media, Digital History is an important resource for those engaging in online homeschool.

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