Learning Mole Online Courses

The pressures of learning from home can be a challenge for parents and guardians. Finding fun and creative learning solutions that keep your children engaged are rare. LearningMole offers paid and free content for children in a wide range of subjects. For online, remote-learning, LearningMole provides a terrific blend of video learning for your children in English language, Maths and other STEM subjects, Geography, health and safety, and even etiquette. Start your educational journey with LearningMole today.



Our video content provides unique learning opportunities.



Our content is created with a range of abilities in mind.



LearningMole provides interactive content for children.


Math Main


Grab your calculators and learn fun ways to do sums.

Life Skills


For future engineers and scientists, STEM helps us develop.

En Main


More than your ABCs, learn to master the English language.

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Understanding the world around us is made possible by Geography.


World Around Us

History is the study of the past and helps us understand humans and movements.

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Life Skills

Learning life skills helps us understand how to behave and react in the world we live in.

Helping You Learn Remotely

LearningMole is an interactive, online learning program that offers tailored instruction in a variety of subjects. Engaging children with topics such as addition or spelling can be tough, but LearningMole’s innovative approach ensures that children ask for more content to learn from.