Nursery Rhymes for Kids -Two Little Dickie Birds

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Nursery Rhymes for Kids -Two Little Dickie Birds

“Two Little Dickie Birds” is one of the different nursery rhymes for kids which are listened to at home, in schools and nurseries. They cheer the kids, help them listen to the sounds and differentiate them, and they also carry lots of other benefits as well.

Choosing the songs with meaningful words or at least those which do not carry any negative meanings. The lyrics of this song are as follows:

“Two little dickie birds sitting on the wall,

One named Peter and one named Paul.

Fly away Peter, fly away Paul,

Come back Peter, come back Paul”

As much as the words of this nursery rhyme do not carry any real meanings, they are still considered better than saying words toddlers are not supposed to hear in general. “Two Little Dickie Birds” is one of those kids’ songs which just gets the kids excited and energetic, and at the same time teaches them to listen carefully to how the words are pronounced correctly.

There are other benefits of nursery rhymes for kids, such as giving them that feeling of a social life since they will be singing with their classmates and thus will handle some communication skills as well. This might not be available at home because there are no other kids, but parents could still sing along with them and provide that same feeling.

Adding to these benefits, we have to mention that the different nursery rhymes will help the kids to read in the future after they listen carefully to the words of the song and at the same time know how they are supposed to be pronounced correctly when it comes to phonics.

The benefits of nursery rhymes

The benefits are numerous because those we have mentioned are not the whole story, there are also other important ones like getting educated with some vocabulary from the English dictionary and thus make the kids much better when it comes to this world, which is also related to phonics and the alphabet letters.

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There are lots of different nursery rhymes in the kids’ world and sometimes kids fall in love with some of them and not others, which is exactly one enough reason to let the kids listen to the songs that you are going to choose and not just to such a thing without them.

There are different songs out there and we have brought some of them on our channel, such as “Old Mother Hubbard“, “Ten in a Bed” which is also used to teach the kids counting (Counting Rhymes for Kids), “Five Fat Sausages“, “Hush Little Baby“, “This Little Piggy“, “Mary had a Little Lamb“, as well as those which we might not have on our channel yet but which might be famously known between the parents, teachers, and kids.

After getting the kids educated about the nursery rhymes and making sure that you have followed the right tips to choose the songs which the kids will get educated through, make sure to let the kids sing along with you one more time after they are introduced to it in the first place.

Don’t worry when you find yourself getting much into the songs that your kids are listening to and find yourself singing them day and night; they just got stuck to your mind but it happens all the time with parents and teachers.

What are those nursery rhymes and kids songs which your kids love the most? Let us know what the kids love the most and bring these songs in our future videos if they are not yet on the long list that we have.

Enjoy watching this video about one of the most famous nursery rhymes known as “Two Little Dickie Birds” along with your kids, let them sing along with you after they get introduced to the song at the beginning, and then watch out for the benefits these rhymes send at the end of the road.

Let us hear about your feedback regarding this educational video for the kids and tell us how much they managed to react with it and learn from it.

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