Multiplication Tables: 2 Magical Ways for Kids

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Multiplication has its ways and when it comes to teaching kids how to multiply, there are several ways which they could depend on and of course the multiplication times tables will always come on top of the list.

Multiplication LearningMole
Math Multiplication Circles of Timetables from One to Ten

Multiplication Ways

Multiplication tables for kids are easy once the kids understand how the whole thing is calculated and done and this will make the memorization part very easy for them because it will not be much of memorizing the timetable as much as it would be about:

  1. Easily getting the numbers and counting them in their heads
  2. or even on their fingers, it actually doesn’t matter.

x1 Multiplication Timetable

When talking about times tables and the different numbers that have their time tables, number one is usually considered out of the whole plan, because any number multiplied by one would come out the same.

But maybe giving this piece of information for the kids will make the whole thing easier for them to understand and give them an easier way to know how to multiply the rest of the times tables.

Multiplication LearningMole

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