Multiplication for Kids 2- Astonishing Arithmetic – KS1

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Multiplication for kids should be easy to give them the chance to love solving the mathematical problems and make it challenging for them to always try a little bit harder.

There are different methods used to teach multiplication for kids and in this educational video, teaching them to multiply through using the number lines is all what we are going to share.

Arithmetic LearningMole
Arithmetic: A Kid is Forming a Multiplication Equation

Arithmetic: Method

The number line method used with multiplication combines addition and counting in the process to make it much easier for the kid to bring the final answer out.

There are different steps which parents homeschooling their kids should teach the kids when it comes to multiplication and number lines.

Arithmetic: Steps

First of all, the kids should check the mathematical equation they should solve and then translate it into an addition math problem and second, the kids should use this addition equation they have written down to count on the number line they have already drawn from the beginning.

Arithmetic LearningMole
Arithmetic: High View of Father and Son Counting with Lego

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