Multiplication for Kids 6- Grid Method (Advanced)- KS2


Multiplication is one of the four math skills and calculating techniques and methods that are taught to the kids while they are in school. Multiplication and division might be the hardest and thus it is important that teachers at schools and parents at home choose the easy ways that the kids would easily understand and know how to follow. One of the different methods that Michelle used in this video to teach the kids how to multiply or else teach the parents at home how to help in homeschooling their kids is about using the grid table. The grid table is used to multiply two numbers that consist of two digits, such as the multiplication of 23 and 14. The multiplication method moves through five different stages: first of all is drawing the grid table and this might change according to the numbers you are using, the second is the partition stage and this is about partitioning the numbers before putting them in the table, the third is the multiplication, the fourth is the addition and finally comes the stage of double checking.