Mental Math for Kids- Making Resources


The best way in teaching children any math related piece of information will be better done through games and tricks. Are you trying to settle on a simple math resource that could support you in the process of homeschooling your kid? Here is one your kid will enjoy. One of the simple math resources that Michelle created for examining the level of her kid was a simple paper game or trick that is based on the idea of asking questions and then checking whether the answer that the kid supported is right or wrong. Creating this game is easy – as shown in the video – you will need to fold the paper in a specific way so that you end up with a specific shape that allows you to fit your fingers in those paper pockets and manage to move them in order to complete the process of the game. The first layer will include numbers which the kid will choose from and you will need to count the number he/she have chosen with moving your fingers, the second part is the question which the kid will choose among the four that will be displayed for him/her and finally you will unfold the answer under this chosen question to know whether the answer given was right or wrong.