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A simple video containing a range of ideas to help you create maths resources to support your child in their counting and problem-solving skills. The video highlights materials great for extra homework support or homeschooling – how to use blank number lines, magnetic numbers, number cards, fingers and hands, number fans and whiteboards. Great maths resources that are easy to create and use – these simple tools will help your child to understand and develop their mathematical skills.

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Teaching kids numbers and helping with number recognition is important and there are different ways to do that for the kids. In this lesson for learning number and number recognition for kids, we are going to use the lots in the car park and see what the child could do.

There is no house out there without the small little cars that the kids love to play with and that’s the reason number one why we are depending on this car park method for number recognition for kids. Let the kids recognize the numbers they are asked about and enjoy parking their cars in the spaces.

Bring a piece of paper, divide it into several parking places that would fit the kid’s small cars and write different numbers on every single car lot you have drawn – this will always depend on your knowledge of the level your child is standing at and the different numbers that he/she already knows.

The whole idea behind this game for kids is to examine their number recognition and at the same time try making it a little bit harder through the questions that you are going to ask. The question could be as simple as asking the child to park the car in a specific number you have already written, or it could go with asking them to park the car in any of the lots that are bigger than a specific number you choose (for example 5) or smaller than a specific number (for example 7).

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Making the questions a little bit more tricky is helpful because it gives the child the chance to develop their thinking skills while they are searching for the right answer and also it is important to teach them what is bigger than and what is smaller than.

In addition to these tricky questions for the child, there is also the right order of the numbers which the kid will go through them while parking the cars. Just ask your child to park the cars in the right order of the numbers and let them do their work.

One of the other tricks related to this game is to ask the child to park the car on one of the car lots by choosing a number that is not there and waiting to see what will the child do, will they park it on the wrong number or else realize that the number is not available in the first place.

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Every single parent knows what his/her child has learned so far, whether they know all the numbers or have stopped at some point, whether they know what is bigger than and smaller than, and thus they will be the ones to decide which questions to ask them and which to stay away from while they are homeschooling them.

This is the technique of cars and parking lots which the kids could learn the numbers from and at the same time be tested for whether they recognize the numbers or else will mix them all up throughout the journey.

If your kid is a girl, you could still number these squares on the paper but instead of giving her cars, you could give her small characters or any other toy that she loves, and instead of referring to the numbers in the squares as parking lots, you could call them boxes, homes, etc.

Learning numbers and number recognition for kids is always interesting when delivered through new and fun lessons because that’s how the kids remember and boost their self-confidence.

Help your child to explore the key concepts of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in maths. Spelling, reading, writing and grammar in English. Help them to develop their imagination and creativity with crafts and to explore a range of skills to cook, bake and create tasty treats and snacks.

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