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Fun math tricks video explaining the steps required to always end at the answer 8! Practice your mental maths skills with some magic maths and wow your audience by always knowing the end answer! This video can be used by parents and children independently. A great way to have fun with maths and develop your mental maths skills.

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Magic Math Puzzle – Practice your Mental Math | Math Games for Kids | Math Trick | Magic Maths

Are you looking forward to playing some games and tricks with your kids? Or else let them play these tricks on you? There are some tricks and cool math puzzles which we will get you introduced to, and this educational video is all about the trick of receiving the same answer no matter what the chosen number is.

The idea behind this magic math puzzle is to follow some steps, apply them to the number that the player have chosen, and then bring out the same answer at the end, no matter what the number that was chosen is. The only rule to this game or puzzle is to let the player choose a two-digit number in order for the answer to be correct at the end.

The answer for this trick and playing it should be 99, but in order for this puzzle or game to work out at the end, there are some important steps to be followed and which should stick to the mind of the one doing it in order to show the people he/she playing with the real magic. The different steps which we are referring to include:

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Math Tricks for Kids – Math Brain Teasers for Kids

– The kid (since he will be the one responsible for the game) will make the other person choose a two-digit number and make sure of this step because it is the most important, then after choosing the number, they will need to reverse it.

– Now there are two-digit numbers, the one chosen from the beginning and the second number after it was reversed.

– Now, the small number should be subtracted from the bigger one.

– The answer should be then taken and reversed as well .

– the digits should be reversed.

– Finally, that final number that you got should be added to the one you received when you subtracted.

The final answer for this mathematical puzzle and trick should be 99 at the end, this is the whole point behind playing this game and giving people the chance to wait for the magic to happen.

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Magic Math Tricks for Kids – Number Tricks for Kids

Isn’t it interesting to play with the numbers and manage to bring the same answer at the end of the road? For the kid to prove to the people he/she is playing with that the answer will always be 99 and that this is the magic, he/she will need to let them play the game more than once and let the kid solve the puzzle.

Practising the kid’s mental math usually happens this way, depending on the numbers, playing games and solving puzzles, and this usually helps the child to understand the mathematical operations and know how to do them correctly without any errors, whether addition, subtraction, multiplication or division (Counting Games).

We have other mental math tricks on our channel for those who want to play with the numbers more and see what they can do. There are those math tricks with the same idea as this one, it is all about the steps to be followed and the type of numbers that should be chosen, here are some to check (Mind Tricks) and there are those which will also be useful when it comes to teaching the kids the different math rules in general, which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (Magic Maths Tricks).

There are lots of tricks in general that the kids could depend on to become mathemagicians and play with numbers, you could also check this video and learn more logic puzzles and at the same time manage to do some challenges (Solve the Logic Puzzles).

These different mental math tricks are useful when it comes to parents as well because they will find creative games to play with the kids which will give them the chance to think, solve mathematical problems and equations and at the same time learn something useful for them – so it is not just a thing needed for the kids, but it is also needed for the parents and teachers as well, it should go both ways.

Let the kids learn these tricks, know the steps that should be followed in every single one of them, and give them the chance to try it all with you and then with their friends.

Easy-to-follow activities will support you and your child to learn and practice new concepts as well as enjoy spending time together. Help your child to progress and explore and most importantly – have fun!

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