Math Puppets: Spectacular Addition for Kids 2 – KS1

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Math Puppets: Addition Games

Addition for kids could be all done through some specific ways and could be taught through some games, but the most important games of all are those which help the kid to think in order to tell whether the answer or result given is right or wrong.

Math Puppets
Socket Puppets

Math Puppets: Ladder of Learning Math

Addition for kids is the first step in the ladder of learning math, it comes just after the kids learn the numbers and start knowing how to count.

As much as knowing how to add and get the result of any mathematical equation or problem found out there is important, it is also important to teach the kids to use their minds in dealing with any mathematical equation given to them and know whether this answer is right or wrong.

Math Puppets LearningMole
Woman Explaining Addition by Performing Shadow Theatre

Math Puppets: Addition Lesson

In this lesson of addition for kids, Michelle was trying to share one idea that parents could use while homeschooling their kids, or teachers could use while teaching their students, this technique is all about using puppets in saying right or wrong through some voices which parents or teachers have agreed upon before starting the whole game.

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