Interesting Math Games with Lego for Kids – Subtraction

A really fun way to learn math with Lego. Lego Math games are a great way to encourage your child to develop their math skills and talk about math. This video features a math addition game using Lego to create number sentences and calculations. A great way to explore addition with your child.

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Lego Math Games for Kids – Subtraction – Learn to Subtract

Do you want to teach your kids how to subtract? Let us give you an inspirational idea that mainly depends on using Lego pieces.

Subtraction is one of the different mathematical operations that the kids get to learn after they are introduced to math and counting numbers. Usually, the process of learning starts with teaching the kids addition before it all comes to subtraction and doing the reverse method (Inverse Operations).

Let us all agree on one important thing, which is the fact that kids come to learn more when they are interested in the method or the technique used and that is exactly when Lego turns out to be one effective tool or method for parents to depend on when it comes to teaching their kids math.

There are other words used for subtraction, such as minus and takeaway, and this is one important thing to teach the kids for them to know what they are supposed to do no matter what the question they need to answer or the problem they are going to solve is asking them to do.

Interesting Math Games with Lego for Kids – Subtraction
Lego Math Games for Kids

The whole idea behind this educational lesson which depends on playing with Lego is teaching the kids to subtract by counting the dots found on every single Lego piece. All that is needed in this method or game is a whiteboard, a whiteboard pen, the Lego board and the different Lego pieces.

The parent will be the one putting down the equation that needs to be solved – every single number could be created using more than one Lego piece – and then the kid will need to solve the equation. When the kid finishes answering the questions and solving the mathematical equation, the parent should ask him/her to write the equation down on the whiteboard. Some kids will choose to draw the whole thing down, this is acceptable, but to keep them recognizing the numbers, they should ask them to write it once again using the numbers, and this is what we refer to as “number recognition”.

Fun Educational Math Games for kids

Play Doh Learning Videos – Play Doh Math – Play Doh Math Games

There are lots and lots of ways to try to teach your child subtraction or math in general, if you are fed up with Lego, you could then depend on Play-Doh for example (Play-Doh). Creativity has no end and the more creative the parent could get, the more ways they will end up finding to educate their kids and teach them math (Mental Math Games).

We have lots of other educational videos which kids could learn subtraction from, in these videos, we have tried making the whole thing appear much easier. We have those mental math tricks which kids could use to learn how to subtract (Mental Math), we also have another subtraction method which depends on the Lego pieces as well but which is played in a different manner (Subtraction Games) and there is also the method of counting some items or objects and then asking the kids to take away or subtract, which will eventually teach them subtraction and how it should be done (Addition and Subtraction).

Interesting Math Games with Lego for Kids – Subtraction
Magic Math Tricks

We could say that there is no end to the ways that parents could use while homeschooling their kids to teach them math, all they have to do is pay close attention to how the kids are taking the whole thing in because any mistake in the middle of the road could keep the kids making problems later on when it comes to subtraction.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, are all different mathematical operations which the kids get to learn when it comes to numbers and math in general, and they are attached and thus will help the kids to understand how to subtract when they are already familiar with addition, and so on.

Did your kid enjoy learning to subtract by depending on Lego and playing with it? This is just the beginning of the fun because the more challenges they face and solve, the more fun they will end up having.

Help your child to explore the key concepts of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in math. Spelling, reading, writing and grammar in English. Help them to develop their imagination and creativity with crafts and to explore a range of skills to cook, bake and create tasty treats and snacks.

Easy-to-follow activities will support you and your child to learn and practice new concepts as well as enjoy spending time together. Help your child to progress and explore and most importantly – have fun!

Have you found this interesting? Why not check our articles about Math for kids: Addition Math Game, Mental Math Strategies, and Are You a Mathemagician.

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