Math Games for Kids- ‘If this is the answer?’ KS1 & KS2


Do you want a game that would trigger the problem solving part in the mind of your kid and at the same time teach him/her some math operations? Math games for kids are numerous and here in this video, Michelle will use the “if this is the answer” method to teach the kids math. Mental math games are important for kids because it allows them to think and consider the possibilities and that is when they will use the methods they have learned in addition, subtraction, division or multiplication to settle on the answers they are searching for. Through our channel, we have brought different educational videos with lots of ideas related to teaching the kids math. Math could be taught to the kids through using their toys, it could be done with the small cartoon characters which they love to play with – you could ask them to count for example – and it could get a little bit more interesting by using play doh and Lego.