Math Games for Kids- Bigger, Smaller, Equal- KS1 & KS2


Math challenges, math activities and mental math starters; these are the things we are focusing our attention on to teach the kids math. In this educational video, Michelle decided to bring a game that focuses on maths and movement and give the kids the chance to understand important words in the mathematical vocabulary. Bigger, smaller and equal; these are the three different phrases or words that the light was shed on in this video. Michelle was explaining in this video how the kids should make the right movements that would translate bigger, smaller and equal and make it more of a game than it is something they are actually learning. The idea behind this educational video is to teach the kids math vocabulary through the movements which they could do. For example, teaching them to expand their arms wide to refer to bigger than when a number bigger than 10 comes up or is the answer of a specific equation which the kids will need to solve. Smaller than will be dealt with in the same way, Michelle also taught the kids to shrink as much as they can in order to refer to the number that is smaller than 10, and equal we all know that it could be done by just placing the arms parallel to one another in any way.