Lego City Counting Great Maths Game for Kids

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Lego City Counting Great Maths Game for Kids:

Welcome to LearningMole! In this fun and educational video, we explore the exciting world of Lego City while practising essential math skills. Join us as we embark on a counting adventure through Lego City, where kids will learn to count, add, and subtract with the help of colourful Lego bricks and engaging visuals. This interactive math game is designed to make learning enjoyable and accessible for young learners, helping them develop foundational math skills while having a blast. Join us for an educational journey filled with creativity, problem-solving, and plenty of Lego fun! Subscribe to LearningMole for more educational videos and games for kids.

lego city counting
lego city counting

Lego City Counting Games: How to take it further?

Here are some ideas to take your LEGO math games to the next level:

lego city counting LearningMole

Challenge Levels:

  • Increase difficulty: Gradually add more bricks, introduce complex calculations, or set time limits as your child progresses.
  • Themed challenges: Design games around specific math concepts like fractions, geometry, or measurement. Create LEGO castles with fraction-based room sizes, build race tracks with distance calculations, or design LEGO animals with proportional features.
  • Collaborative play: Encourage teamwork by having kids build structures together, solve math problems collaboratively, or compete in friendly math challenges.

Tech Integration:

  • Incorporate apps: Explore educational apps that utilise LEGO sets or augmented reality for interactive math learning experiences. A great example is Kidzovo.
  • Coding and robotics: Combine LEGO with coding kits to create robots that solve math problems or follow specific instructions.
  • Stop-motion animation: Use LEGO figures and sets to create short stop-motion animations showcasing math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Real-World Connections:

  • Shopping trip math: Challenge your child to use LEGO bricks to represent items on a grocery list, calculate their total cost, practice budgeting, and estimate quantities.
  • Building challenges: Encourage kids to build real-world structures like houses, bridges, or furniture using LEGO, estimating materials needed and applying measurement skills.
  • Board game design: Design your own math-based board game using LEGO bricks for dice, spinners, and game pieces.


  • Fun is key! Keep the games lighthearted and enjoyable to maintain your child’s interest and motivation.
  • Adapt to your child’s pace: Let them learn at their speed and adjust the difficulty or complexity of the games accordingly.
  • Celebrate progress: Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s achievements, no matter how small, to boost their confidence and encourage further learning.

By incorporating these suggestions, you can turn LEGO playtime into a stimulating and rewarding learning experience that fosters a love for math in your child!

lego city counting LearningMole

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