Learning English- Literacy Games for Kids- KS1, KS2, EAL & ESL


Are you searching for the right ways that would help you teach your kids English? We have an idea here that you could try, it is fun and would give them the chance to know more English vocabulary and most importantly be able to think. English is the language that is used wide world in every country you go to, there are only few ones where you would find it difficult to deal with its people if they don’t speak English. That should be enough to teach your kids English especially if it is not the main language of the country you are from. The “Squishy Bananas” is the game we are suggesting for the kids so that they could think about new vocabulary and questions to ask. The “squishy bananas” is build on the idea of letting a number of kids sit around in a circle and then one starts with directing a question at a specific person, that person should answer immediately with saying “squishy bananas” and that kid should resist laughing even if the rest of the players did. The one who was asked will then take the turn and ask a third player who will also provide the same answer no matter what the question is.