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Learn the colours for kids is a great video which will help toddlers and preschoolers learn the colours in English.

There are different stages to go through when it comes to teaching kids and one of them is all about colours. Numbers and alphabet will always come on top of the list, and then teaching them more about colours and shapes comes as the second step (Matching Colours and….).

There are lots of colours in the world around us and these colours appear with their different shades and that is exactly the reason why kids should be well aware of such a thing from the early beginning. Black, white, blue, pink, green, red, orange, purple and different other colours come in different shades, and every single shade of them is also given a name (Learn the Colours).

Choosing the right method for teaching your kids more about colours is the most important thing of all. It could happen through games, through using pictures, and it could happen through the everyday items and objects which they might be coming through every single day.

In this video – or lesson – we have chosen the ice cream flavours to teach the kids the different colours found out there – you could even choose to make them more excited by offering them a treat if they learned the lesson and answered the questions which you might ask at the end of the road correctly.

In this educational video, we are teaching the kids more about the colours through the ice cream flavours that they might meet in the ice cream shop. There is the pink colour for the strawberry flavour, the white colour for the vanilla, the orange colour for the orange flavour, etc. and they should guess these colours without you saying them out loud. We have written the names on these flavours to make it the teaching lesson before coming to the point of asking them some questions and examining their memory.

In the beginning, start with telling the kids about the different colours found around them through these which we are exposing to them, then go a little bit further by asking them the name of the colours for the same pictures they have already learned the colours from, and finally reach the stage of teaching them the colours through asking about the colours of the things which they are seeing in front of their own eyes; such as the colour of their shirts, their trousers, the toys scattered all around them, etc.

Easy and Fun Colours Games

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The process of teaching the kids is so interesting and getting to see them storing the information inside and recalling it back when needed is another successful thing to bring that smile of achievement on your face as a parent. The important thing here is getting to the point where you will need to choose the right methods and depend on some interesting tools and techniques that will keep your kid excited about learning something new and at the same time will help them to store the information and remember it when needed.

We have helped parents homeschooling their kids and teachers who are trying to find some new methods to teach the kids some colours with this educational video about one of the ways to help the kids learn the colours, but you could also come across other different videos that could even combine teaching the colours with other lessons found out there.

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Matching colours for kids

Toddlers and kids in general should be engaged with the colours and with knowing their names and this will always depend on the parents and how much they are keeping themselves engaged in the world of colours. If you are homeschooling your kid, you should always know that you are the main source of learning and you are the one who they learn about the colours from.

Fortunately, the world is full of colour, so you don’t need any special materials to reinforce the concept. Just by pointing out red apples, green leaves, blue sky, and yellow flowers, you’re demonstrating the idea of naming and describing objects. Sorting and grouping similarly-coloured objects, such as a yellow rubber duck with a banana, or an orange with a carrot, can also help separate the name of the object from the colour description in your child’s mind.

Easy-to-follow activities will support you and your child to learn and practice new concepts as well as enjoy spending time together. Help your child to progress and explore and most importantly – have fun!

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