Learn the Alphabet for Toddlers

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Learn the Alphabet for Toddlers. A fun, educational video to help toddlers learn the alphabet in English.

Learning the English alphabet; parents believe it is the easiest first step taken in the world of education when it comes to their kids, but it might not be if they chose the wrong method or technique to follow and educate the kids through.

Singing the ABC, choosing to recognize the letters by referring to specific words or even doing the same by naming some animals that start with these letters, are all different ways used to teach kids the English alphabet and they are all considered useful because every single one of them will help the kid in something: the song will help them the letters in general, the letters with words will give them the chance to know how to pronounce them, which is the same with the animals (What is Phonics).

In this educational video, we have gone through those three different steps or methods that help with letting the kids learn the English alphabet and even help them to spell the letters a little bit correctly before they go deeper into the phonics phase which is not the same way the old people – the parents – followed when they were kids themselves (The English Alphabet).

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Alphabet for kids

The ABC song has always been considered a famous one among kids all around the world, and it is one of those songs that help in making the whole thing of learning the English alphabet a lot easier to learn because those songs stick to the human mind easier, faster and even for a longer period.

The second and third parts of this video about learning the English alphabet and which are related to pronouncing the letters and attaching every single letter of them to a word from the English dictionary that starts with the same letter. This could actually happen with the ordinary words used in the everyday life or even those related to birds, food, clothes, etc. and it could be with choosing one criteria only, such as animals for example. When the parents choose to stick to one criteria only, they make it a little bit trickier for the kids and give them the chance to focus their attention on their answers (Learning the English).

Learning the English alphabet comes in different steps and stages, it all starts with learning the letters themselves in the right order, spelling them correctly and then comes the last step of building words and eventually making full sentences that could be read out loud in the right way. It is all a one way train that should go through all the stops and make sure that the passengers are fine and have reached their destinations safely; kids should come to every single step and eventually come to the point where they spell correctly, build words and sentences, and are very good when it comes to the English language in general

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