Julius Caesar Facts for Kids – 5 Courageous Facts about Julius Caesar

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Ancient Rome is full of stories! Let’s discover five courageous Julius Caesar Facts for Kids.

Julius Caesar Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Julius Caesar Was a Great Writer

He is best known for his abilities as a great military leader but Julius Caesar had other creative talents. He wrote his own histories that told the stories of his military campaigns explaining how he won battles. Julius Caesar also wrote compelling speeches for his soldiers before big battles. He also wrote his own poetry but they were described as not very serious.

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Julius Caesar Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: He Was Married to Cleopatra The Queen of Egypt

Cleopatra knew how to make a dramatic entrance and she made a big impression when she first met Julius Caesar. Cleopatra’s brother Ptolemy tried to stop her meeting him because of a disagreement but she managed to sneak in. She wrapped herself in a fancy carpet then was brought to Caesar where she was unwrapped to meet him. They were married but their marriage was only recognized in the Egyptian tradition, not the Roman one.

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Julius Caesar Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Caesar Once Won a battle by Building Two Walls around His Enemies

One of Caesar’s greatest military campaigns was against a people called the Gauls, who lived in the land which is now France. One of the most famous battles in this campaign was the Battle of Alesia. Caesar chased the Gauls and their leader to a city called Alesia where they could hide. The Romans built a wall around Alesia to siege the Gauls inside.

The Romans were known for their impressive building skills and they quickly surrounded the Gauls with a wall. Trying to outsmart Caesar the Gauls called for more of their soldiers to fight the Romans but Julius Caesar had an idea. They built another wall to give them protection. They were able to successfully defeat the Gauls at Alesia because of Julius Caesar’s interesting tactics.

Julius Caesar Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: July Is Named After Julius Caesar

A lot of days of the week or the months of the year get their names from important people from history. These names sometimes come from gods such as Thursday which gets its name from Thor, the Norse god of thunder. This includes July which is named after Julius Caesar and August which is named after another Caesar, called Caesar Augustus.

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Julius Caesar Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Julius Caesar Was Once Kidnapped by Pirates

At age 20 Julius Caesar was sailing across the Aegean Sea and found himself kidnapped by pirates during his journey. They asked for a ransom for his return and he spent almost 40 days with those pirates. While he stayed with them he did not act like a prisoner instead taking time to play games on the ship and write. He even wrote and read aloud his poetry while he was there to entertain the pirates.

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We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Julius Caesar as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this person is, you can move on to learn about famous people like: Barack Obama, Albert Einstein and David Attenborough.

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