How to make French Crepes! Cooking with Kids


Are you willing to teach your kids a recipe or two and make them able to prepare themselves a simple treat? LearningMole is not just to teach kids science, maths and crafts, but there are also those educational videos that would let them know about some recipes. Belfast Cookery School helped the kids in this educational video to know how to prepare French crepes and gave them a simple recipe so that they could easily do it. Of course your kids are not big enough to be kept in the kitchen alone – if they are the same ages of Aaron and James – and use the tools inside on their own, but they could still be there while you are preparing them and give you the help you might need. Who out there would say no to crepes? Kids will never do and that is why the chef, Ian Hunter, decided to give them the tips for something they would love to do and eat. Our chef at Belfast Cookery School gave the recipe to the kids and also made the crepe with them, telling them through the way how to pour the mixture into the pan and how to flip it – he even flipped it over and succeeded, upon their request.