The Gingerbread Man – A Great Classic Fairytale Story

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The Gingerbread Man Story – A Classic Tale

This animated LearningMole video tells the popular fairy tale of the Gingerbread Man. Perfect as a bedtime story or in the classroom. Test your listening skills with the comprehension questions at the end and practice your phonics by reading words from the story.

Stories for kids act like the saviors for being effective at any time during the day; when you want to grab their attention and calm them down a little bit, when you want to let them sleep peacefully or when you want to excite them in something in general and test their concentration level by asking them some questions at the end of it all.

Gingerbread Man LearningMole

This story is about The Gingerbread Man that the old woman was baking but then got surprised by him running away after getting out of the oven. The old woman tried to run after the gingerbread man to catch him and have him as a treat with her tea but she couldn’t. Along the way, the gingerbread man was also tracked down and ran after by the cow and then the horse before being eventually tricked and eaten by the fox.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

The most important thing in those stories for kids is the narration way and how kids are informed by the story because this is how their attention is grabbed and how they keep waiting for the end of the story with great attention to know how it is going to end. The Gingerbread Man story here was recited by Aaron and he used those expressions delivered through his voice to make it appear more exciting for the kids.

As much as it is important to choose an exciting story for your kids to read out loud for them and as different it will turn out to be by doing the right voice through the whole narration, it is also important to keep the kids concentrated to ask them some questions at the end and test what they have understood and at the same time test their level of concentration. At the end of this video, we asked some questions and gave the kids a couple of seconds to answer them before we could provide them with the answer.

Another important thing to be mentioned about stories and telling them is learning more about phonics to spell the words correctly because kids at that age might easily catch some words and they should be doing that in the right ways and not in the wrong manners (What is Phonics?). There are some games which parents homeschool their children could depend on to teach them phonics, you will find a couple of ones on our channel (Spelling, Phonics and English Games….).

Sometimes having fun with your kids is beneficial and in this case, we are referring to the kind of fun that kids and parents have through the stories they listen to or even the cartoon movies which they see. In addition to The Gingerbread Man, we have other stories which kids will also enjoy watching, such as Rapunzel (Fairy Tales for Kids), The 3 Billy Goats Gruff (The Three Billy Goats Gruff), 3 Little Pigs (The Three Little Pigs) and Little Red Hen (The Little Red Hen).

Every single story is interesting in its kind of way and when you believe that the kids need something a little bit more informative, you could tell them a little bit about science for example but in the form of a story.

Ginger Bread Man
Classic Stories

Before choosing a story to tell your kids about, you should be well aware of the interests of your kids; what they like, what kind of stories will they enjoy more, and what they usually love to hear and know more about, because all these tiny details could affect how much they enjoy a specific story or else don’t pay attention to what is being said in it.

Stories are interesting because they tell something and go through different events that might lead to the appearance of some questions from the kids and they are also interesting because they help the kids to learn phonics, writing, spelling and learn English in general, which is one important thing we should never forget about (Writing, Spelling and Phonics).

Enjoy watching The Gingerbread Man story with your kids and let us know how much they ended up loving the story.

Easy-to-follow activities will support you and your child to learn and practice new concepts as well as enjoy spending time together. Help your child to progress and explore and most importantly – have fun!

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