Fun Moving Your Body: Exercise Videos for Kids

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Exercise is an important task for everyone and should be part of our daily routine. Exercise has plenty of benefits that are long-lasting and impact us in positive ways. Exercise videos for kids introduce creative methods of getting your children moving.

Encouraging children to move their bodies using varieties of cardio and low impact exercising is a great way for children to expend their energy and channel it into something productive and beneficial.

Exercise has been shown to not only improve children’s physical health, but it also aids with children’s mental health and encourages productivity and concentration in the classroom. 

Kids Exercising
Exercise Videos for Kids: Group of children doing gymnastic exercises

Why is Exercise Important for Kids?

Exercise is incredibly important for children as it provides a host of benefits for children that will aid them in adulthood. Exercise, quite naturally, allows your body to stretch and build muscles.

This only promotes healthy growth and development of bones and muscles which don’t only affect children but can also provide healthy growth in adults as well – a great excuse to exercise with your children. Through exercise, your body will maintain a healthy weight as well.

Combining regular, effective exercise with a healthy diet filled with essential vitamins and minerals can reduce or maintain the weight that is suitable for your age and frame. 

Our bodies rely on the effectiveness of the heart to supply oxygen around the body. Exercise allows the body to improve the heart’s health. Otherwise known as cardiovascular health, the heart works harder when we are exercising or ‘working out’.

Having to pump blood faster around the body due to exercise encourages the heart to do that more often, which makes exercising slightly easier with time. Promoting heart health also helps stave off diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol that directly affect the heart.

Other diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity, which can also be linked with the heart, are also radically reduced. Using exercise videos for kids can be an alternative way to encourage them to begin exercising.  

How the skeleton moves is an important part of physical functioning and exercise can improve it as well. Using correct posture and balance, exercise promotes the skeletal system’s ability to be flexible, to coordinate together, and generally strengthens it as well.

This is a fantastic benefit for growing children who need strong skeletons and muscles as they grow. This also helps with the development of gross and fine motor skills within children. Gross motor skills are larger muscles that allow for physical activity.

Things like walking and jumping all come from our gross motor skills. Fine motor skills focus on the smaller muscles in our body and can include things like holding pencils, using knives and forks. 

Children Exercising With Trainer In Yoga Class
Exercise Videos for Kids: Children Exercising With Trainer In Yoga Class

Exercise Videos for Kids: Move Your Body

Moving your body is an important part of physical development and using exercise videos for kids can be an encouraging way to introduce that concept to children.

Being overweight and suffering from obesity as a child has been linked with lower cognitive functioning which can cause some problems when trying to find learning strategies as your child grows older.

This can be a great way to boost creativity and confidence. Exercise has been known to increase positivity and help with one’s mood. This is an important tool for children as, if they learn early enough, they will be able to utilise it as an outlet for stress in the future. 

Exercising and expending energy can also be used to alleviate anxiety in all ages, including promoting relaxation. Exercise releases endorphins from our brain which creates a positive feeling in our bodies.

This is an important skill for kids to learn. Using exercise videos for kids also allows for a shared experience. You can work out with your child and share with them in the mood booster while supporting their fitness goals.

exercise videos for kids
Exercise Videos for Kids: Portrait of a Smiling Boy and Girl Doing Fitness Exercise in Front of Concrete Wall

Concentration is another fantastic benefit that exercise can aid children and adults with. Exercise has been found in studies to conclusively aid in improving a child’s academic achievement. This is due to the brain working at maximum capacity by multiplying nerve cells and strengthening their interconnections.

This protects them from damage but also increases brain function. Exercise videos provide plenty of examples for movements to help children increase their concentration, and relax their muscles and minds. 

While exercising can be done independently and can be an individual experience, most exercising is done through team sports. Exercising in groups can be done using exercise videos for kids as they all have a shared experience perhaps in different homes.

Exercising in groups or using team sports to facilitate this improves engagement with children in regards to their social skills and teamwork abilities. Team sports and exercise also encourages children to make friends as they share their common interests and goals with one another. 

Movement and Activities: Exercise Videos for Kids

There are plenty of activities that can vary how your children move and keep them engaged with exercising while also encouraging them to move daily. Using a variety of methods to bring children to the conclusion that exercise is beneficial for them is an important way of getting them to engage with sports or exercising in general.

Apps and websites such as YouTube provide a multitude of exercise videos for kids to encourage them to move in different and dynamic ways. If your child isn’t keen on exercising by running or typical movements that might involve callisthenics, there are plenty of sports and activities that can encourage them to expend energy in a way that positively impacts them. 

Some exercises don’t have to be presented like ‘working out’ but rather can be used as a play-based or structured activity. This could involve children kicking a football about in the garden or playground, putting on music and allowing your child to dance to it, or even getting a creative and stimulating running game that involves children being different animals like ‘Octopus and Squid’. There are plenty of options to incorporate educational stimulation into their movements as well. 

Team sports encourage movement as well. There are multiple forms of structured sports that can be taught in classes or through exercise videos for kids which can be bought or found online. Gymnastics, ballet, football, rugby are all great examples of sports that can be played at home, at the park, or in a more professional setting.

These help with general health, social skills, and boosting confidence in children as well. Sports are something you can share with your child or they can share with their friends as they grow.

This comradery is something that encourages them to be involved in organisations in the future and helps develop their passions. Whether you use exercise videos for kids or if you kick a ball in the park, promoting children exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your child. 

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