Fun Math Games and Magic Math Tricks for Kids


There are different fun math tricks and games for the kids to try when it comes to math and calculations. One of them is the magic math trick of guessing the final answer or number while playing with friends or family members.

Why is it referred to as a “magic” math trick? This actually goes back to the magical finger answer that usually comes out the same no matter which number was chosen from the beginning and played with; it is the magic of guessing the final answer before even knowing the number that the other person is going to choose.

There are two different ways to play this trick: the first one is to ask your questions and request the other person to do the calculations secretly without revealing any of them, and the second way is asking them to choose a number and immediately tell them the answer they are going to receive at the end, but let them do the calculations in front of you to make sure that they are not doing any mathematical errors along the way.

This is the magic math of number 8 and it means that no matter what the chosen number is, the final answer will always be 8. The steps or the different calculations that will need to be done starts with asking the player to think of a number, subtract 1 from it, multiply the result by 3, add 12 to the final answer, divide the result by 3, add 5 to the calculation, and finally take away the first original number they have chosen.

The answer should be always 8 in this case and if it wasn’t 8 then there was something wrong done along the way. These different mathematical tricks help in boosting the child’s self-confidence after they practice it several times and know how it should be all done.

Kids feel more confident when they do magic and play tricks on their friends or even family members and it all works out perfectly with them with receiving the needed results. Such tricks are interesting for two different reasons, the first one is because of the mathematical skills which the kids will enhance when they try it a couple of times, and the second reason goes for the fun time which the kids will end up having while playing around with some educational games.

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