Flying Dinosaurs Facts for Kids – 5 Fascinating Facts about Flying Dinosaurs

Imagine a world of dinosaurs flying are flying over that would be amazing, here are 5 fascinating facts about flying dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs for Kids

Fact Number 1: Modern Birds are Technically Dinosaurs

All modern birds are technically dinosaurs so these facts could really be all about parrots, but we’ll stick to the Jurassic ones. Birds are actually all part of the same group called Theropods – this includes the T. rex!

Flying Dinosaurs LearningMole
T-rex Dinosaur

Fact Number 2: Pterodactyls

Pterodactyls are probably the first dinosaurs you think of when we talk about flying dinosaurs but in fact they aren’t classed as dinosaurs they are actually winged lizards – this is because of how scientists classify and organise animals and species – Dinosaurs limbs sit under their bodies whereas pterodactyls’ and other winged lizards’ limbs come from the sides!

Fact Number 3: First Animals to Fly

Pterodactyls were the first animals to fly apart from insects! And what’s really weird is that the birds we see today have actually evolved from dinosaurs, not pterodactyls!

Flying Dinosaurs
Flying Dinosaurs: Pterodactyls

Fact Number 4: Pterosaurs

The group of flying lizards are called pterosaurs and they ranged in size from the size of tiny birds to that of small planes! The biggest of them all was a Quetzalcoatlus – its wing span was around 22 feet – that’s almost as long as a London bus!

Fact Number 5: Winged Lizards

Have you ever seen a seabird dip down to grab a fish out of the water? Well that is what these winged lizards would have done too! Scientists believe these flying giants would have eaten mainly fish and insects!

Flying Dinosaurs LearningMole
Cute Pterosaurs Dinosaur Cartoon

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about flying dinosaurs as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these animals are, you can move on to learn about other ones like: Octopuses, Seals, Weasels, Dolphins, Kangaroos, Reindeer, Leopards and Jaguars, Rabbits and Flamingos

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