Five Facts about Endangered Animals

Why are animals endangered? What causes animals to become extinct? Check out our five facts about endangered animals.

Fact number one: Humans are one of the biggest dangers to animals
Us humans are to blame for contributing to the extinction of many animals. By overhunting and
overfishing humans have reduced the populations of many animals. Human activity has been known
to contribute to a loss of animal habitat. Humans destroy animal habitats when they develop houses
and industries or farm the land in which animals live. Deforestation also causes habitat destruction
and reduces food supply for many animals. Deforestation is the removal of forests and trees from
the land.

five facts about endangered animals LearningMole
Humans causing animals extinction

Fact number two: Endangered animals are at risk of becoming extinct
An endangered animal is an animal that is threatened by extinction. An animal is declared extinct
when the last individual animal of that species has died. Extinction means that there are no surviving
individuals that can reproduce and create a new generation. If an animal becomes extinct you will
never see it again. Read more about amazing animals.

Fact number three: Climate change is causing animal extinction
Climate change has been a huge cause of extinction. Rising global temperatures, forest fires,
extreme flooding and more are causing animals to lose their habitats and become endangered.
Animals that have been greatly impacted by climate change are Puffins due to the sea warming and
Polar bears from melting ice. Climate change has meant that these animals are struggling to find

Fact number four: Hundreds of animals go extinct every year
Every year hundreds to thousands of animals and species go extinct. Many of these animals we
never knew existed. Some animals you may have heard of that have gone extinct in the past are
dodo birds, Woolly Mammoths and Sabre-toothed tigers. If you watched Ice Age you will recognise
Manny as a Woolly Mammoth, Diego as a Sabre-toothed tiger and Dab as a Dodo. Because these
animals went extinct hundreds and even millions of years ago we only know what they look like from
illustrations, written accounts or fossils found. More animals will be made extict we need to help protect them. Check out National Geographic to see the top ten.

Fact number five: Javan Rhinos and Amur leopards are critically endangered animals
The Amur leopard is one of the rarest big cats in the world, with only around 100 individuals left in
the wild. Amur leopards can only be found in Far East Russia and north-eastern China. Recently
conservation efforts have been successful with Amur Leopards and their population has been
increasing slowly. Amur leopards biggest threat is habitat loss and not enough prey to feed on.

five facts about endangered animals
Close up young leopard portrait

Javan Rhinos are even higher than Amur leopards on the list of critically endangered animals in the world.Javan rhinos are one of the rarest species of rhino with only around 75 individuals found on the island of Java in Indonesia. Their biggest threats are poachers, disease and habitat loss. Check out our article on more ways to help endangered animals.

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