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Teaching language is a huge responsibility and it can be a difficult task. Online English teaching resources provide parents, guardians, and educators with the necessary educational tools to deliver impressive learning experiences and facilitate the development of language skills in their children.

Whether at home or the classroom, there is plenty of software available to remove the difficulties that accompany teaching things like phonics and spelling, making it an enjoyable experience for children and the person delivering the lesson.

English teaching resources have been adapted for children of all ages and abilities, and have the potential to unlock the world’s next famous writers, with the right instruction.

English Teaching Resources: Elementari

If searching for online English teaching resources, Elementari is one of the best available. Elementari functions as an online platform connecting writers and artists to share original or reimagined interactive stories.

With over 10,000 illustrations and sounds, the website is community orientated and there are constant updates to the material shared. A multi-disciplinary platform, it promotes computer skills, literacy, and the arts. Ingeniously, it is a multi-disciplinary space that engages students to learn to write and code interactive stories.

A clever way of engaging students in English based learning, it uses the realms of creativity to think about syntax and creative writing. There are visual aids for children to become inspired and is a perfect way for engaging students to write something that they can receive an end product for.

English Teaching Resources
Child Wearing Headphones Attending Virtual Classes

Elementari provides a library for literacy and STEAM activities, driving innovation and writing for children. Students design their narratives in a comic style offering and fill in premade template stories.

There is a history of literature involved as well, engaging with story elements and structure. Using the style of a fable, children are encouraged to explore what they are and how they are still relevant to narratives today.

Children can use animation to bring their work to life and develop their vocabulary of literary terms. They learn how to use events, function, and sequence correctly. The software also provides a brilliant method of converting dialogue and narration into paragraph format.

With a broad range of curriculum available and well thought out lesson plans, Elementari is a fantastic tool for teachers, guardians, and parents who want their children to engage with language positively and excitingly. A phenomenal, creative example of English teaching resources found online.

Online teaching resources | British Council

Helping with Literacy: Crick Software

Learning language and developing literacy skills doesn’t come easy for all children and Crick Software is very aware of this need. They attempt to provide software to ease the burden of literacy difficulties in children.

Using educational software known as the Clicker, it is featured in thousands of schools around the world and the programme has been translated into ten languages.

The literary support tool is also designed for DocsPlus which is a talking word processor for secondary school students, and Clicker Communicator which serves as an AAC app.

Crick Software is in place to aid pupils of all learning abilities including children struggling with writing, those suffering from dyslexia, children learning English, and other disabilities that affect literacy and language development.

english teaching resources LearningMole
Cheerful Little Girl Using Laptop Studying Through Online E-learning System

Fingers on the pulse of education, Crick Software is utilised by educators at a variety of levels who understand that there may be some issues with literacy in their students.

Crick Software can be actively used at home and there is a multitude of free online resources to help parents, guardians, and educators deliver important, structured literacy lessons.

With multiple areas of the curriculum covered, it is a brilliant use of English teaching resources. Unsurprisingly, due to its revolutionary work, it has received numerous education awards.

For those who want to deliver literacy to those who struggle with words, Crick Software is one of the best English teaching resources available on the market.


Learning to Speak: Carter’s Yard Phonics

Using phonics has become a popular way of teaching children how to speak and utilise language. Though it has increased in popularity, often parents and guardians who were taught using different methods struggle to be able to deliver phonics lessons to children.

Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards have been specifically designed to relieve this burden from people who are struggling with teaching in this style. Made up of a set of 64 interactive talking flashcards, they are used throughout classrooms in the United Kingdom as a means of practically engaging with phonics.

The flashcards are multi-sensory and capture the attention of children who are learning how the alphabet and how words are created.

Designed and created by experienced primary school teachers who understand the difficulties with relaying phonics to students, the flashcards are proven to support children as they produce individual sounds and reading aloud.

The cards also provide children with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and they can be engaged with without adult supervision.

The flashcards are designed to help children link letters to corresponding sounds and combine them to produce sounds. Using English teaching resources like this makes the learning of language an easier and more manageable process.

english teaching resources LearningMole
Flashcard Letter S is for Six

Due to the versatility of the cards, the cards replicate the learning process of phonics in school from the comfort of your home.

Used extensively in schools across the country, they are used as they reduce the attainment gap and teacher workload.

With audio, visual, and kinesthetic elements to the flashcards, they have proven to be one of the many valuable English teaching resources available for literacy and phonics instruction.

Modernising the teaching of phonics, they have proven to be effective in engaging students who are EAL and SEND as well.

They can be integrated into already existing phonics programmes and are a perfect complement to traditional teaching.

The impact on children’s learning is undeniable and they are a perfect homeschool edition to parents and guardians struggling with delivering structured phonics instruction.

Found in app form, the flashcards are available from zapper and can be downloaded for iOS or Google Play Store. The app brings the cards to life and offers an interactive way for children to learn phonics. This is one of the best English teaching resources available today.

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