Easy Recipes for Kids: Cooking at Home

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Everyone enjoys eating. Cooking for people and sharing food is one of the greatest joys in life. Being able to share these passions with your children can be a joy as well.

Delivering easy recipes for kids is a sure-fire way to fill your child with a passion for cuisine and setting them on the right track for having a healthy relationship with food.

Easy Recipes for Kids
Kids are Cooking

Having richer food can be done in moderation, but one of our easy recipes for kids is delivered by an expert in his field. Enjoy learning from him and indulging in one of the most renowned foods to grace the planet.


Easy Recipes for Kids: French Crepe Recipe

One of the fundamental things you cant teach your child is the ability to cook. Not only is teaching them to cook important but giving them the necessary tools to cook well is integral to that. Teaching your children how to make simple treats through a variety of recipes is a sure-fire way to set them up for success in the future.

Knowing that when they move out they will have the passion to cook for themselves and others is an exciting thing and, one day, even you may avail of their culinary delights.

LearningMole met with Belfast Cookery School who helped our boys prepare French crepes. Giving them a simple but beautiful recipe, they prepared them to be able to assist with this style of advanced cooking in a simple and effective way.

Depending on the age of your child dictates whether or not you trust them to be able to take a more dominant role in the preparing of the crepes. If they’re too young, you can supervise them and give them particular roles so they can still be involved.

If you think your child is old enough and able enough to take charge, them allow them the freedom to utilise the tools to make the crepes. Perhaps oversee their work and make your presence known if they require assistance.

No matter how old you are, crepes are a staple dessert and ever-popular choice for adults and children alike. Head chef of Belfast Cookery School, Ian Hunter imparts his wisdom around making crepes and is tips for making the best crepe.

easy recipes for kids LearningMole

Teaching children how to create the batter, how to pour the mixture into the pan, and eventually how to flip it is all necessary tools for creating the perfect crepe. You may not get the flip on the first try, so make sure there is enough batter made for some trial and error motions.

The reason why cooking is such a multi-faceted educational tool isn’t just because you get a fantastic outcome at the end, but because it is a multidisciplinary subject. Cooking incorporates strong elements of numeracy – the amount of ingredients is crucial to the success of the meal.

Not knowing the required materials or ingredients can ruin a dish. Using a counting technique to work out how many eggs were going to be used in the crepes and even incorporating time into how long it is meant to be in the pan is important.

Cooking is a detailed process and everyone has their own particular way of cooking certain items. Taking the opportunity to impart your own knowledge or your twist on a recipe can make a great memory for your children and instil nostalgia for a particular food for years to come.

Another important note on cooking is using it as an educational tool. Let your children count how many grams of flour needs to be used or how they can fix the batter because too much milk is now in it. Give them the opportunity to problem-solve.

Not only numeracy comes into action here, but allowing them the opportunity to practice their phonics and language skills can be an integral part of their learning experience. Ask them questions about what ingredients are called, let them support you with words that are related to the cooking experience.

There are plenty of easy recipes for kids that can be made into a full learning experience.

Cooking at Home: The Joy of Food

Children are naturally inquisitive and cooking is a great opportunity to teach your child about trial and error, and how different variables can affect an outcome.

There are plenty of easy recipes for kids to try at home that are safe yet challenging for them. This expansion of knowledge sets them up with the opportunity to become creative, analytical thinkers that can methodically experiment with different ingredients to create something wonderful.

Chatting to your children about ingredients is a wonderful way of getting them engaged with what they are eating and making them passionate about the cooking process. Using easy recipes for kids that are rooted in local produce and ingredients that they can be proud if is an excellent way of getting them to engage with their food.

Going through, for example, what is going to be included in making the crepes and allowing them to have a manual approach to the cooking process makes them feel directly involved with their cooking.

Showing your child you care about what goes into their bodies and how they should be reflective on the food they eat sets a precedent about the food they should be indulging in. Being enthusiastic about cooking with them also lets them know that this is a task to be proud of.

Letting children being directly involved with their eating process and the making of the food itself is an effective way of them engaging with their food.

easy recipes for kids LearningMole

Depending on your child’s age depends on how involved you allow them to be in the cooking process in general. Letting your children use their creativity to add twists to their food is another way to instil pride in their cooking.

Easy recipes for kids can encourage creativity, critical thinking, as well as literacy and numeracy skills. Instil a love of cooking by giving them the space to vocalise what they foresee for the dish and offer assistance where it is needed for them to create the food of their dreams.

Easy recipes for kids is a creative and engaging way to create positive interactions with food for your children.

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