Ears Facts for Kids – 5 Exciting Facts about Ears

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Have you ever wondered how our ears work? Here are five exciting ears facts for kids.

Ears Facts for Kids Fact number 1: The Ears Take in Sound for The Brain to Hear

The ears are the part of the body that take in sounds which are sent to the brain, we cannot hear without our ears. But the brain is the part of the body which actually hears the sound that is created. When the ear picks up on sound waves it sends them to the brain and then the brain translates those waves instantly so that we can hear what sound was made. How clever!

Ears Facts for Kids
A boy is holding his ears

Ears Facts for Kids Fact number 2: The Ears Contain The Smallest Bones in The Human Body

Sound is created by vibration but how does our body take vibrations and understand them as sound? Within the human ear there is a membrane called the ear drum which vibrates at the same frequency as the sounds we hear. When the ear drum vibrates it also makes the three smallest bones in the body vibrate. They are the hammer, the Anvil, and the Stirrup, with the Stirrup being the smallest of the bones in the human body. These bones vibrate to send the sound to the brain where it can be translated.

Ears Facts for Kids Fact number 3: The Inner Ear Help Us Balance

The outer ear is the part of the ear we can see and the inner ear is where the bones and looped structures which control hearing and balance are stored. The looped structures in the inner ear contains fluid and hairs which indicate how we are standing, when we move around these sensors tell our brain what way to move to stop us falling over. That is why if we have a cold which affects our ears we may feel dizzy.

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Ears Facts for Kids Fact number 4: Our Ears Are always Hearing, Even if We Are Asleep

Have you ever woken up because of a loud noise? This happens because our ears are always listening, even if we are asleep. The brain chooses to ignore sounds so that we can sleep, unless the brain thinks that we are in danger. That is why we will wake up if a fire alarm goes off in the night.

Ears Facts for Kids Fact number 5: Ear Wax Helps our Ears Clean Themselves

While we are walking around, running, or playing our ears can get dirt, bacteria, and dust in them. This can cause irritation in the ear and affect our hearing so the ear has a way of self-cleaning. The ear produces wax to trap dust and dirt which then comes out of the ear slowly. The hairs in our ears help this process by trapping dust. Some people have to clean their ears as they have a lot of ear wax but the ear mostly cleans itself.

Ears Facts for Kids LearningMole
A girl is covering ears with index fingers

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about ears as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this organ in human body is, you can move on to learn about other ones like: Brain, Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Ears, The Respiratory System, urinary system, skeletal system, Nervous System and cardiovascular system.

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