Earning Money – Teach your Kids about Earning Money

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Teaching your Child the Value of Earning Money

Teaching your Child the Value of money is so important. This financial education for kids video will encourage your child to think about money and how they can earn it. Money for kids is a lifelong skill that children should start developing at an early age – learning money, teaching money skills, and money management for kids can be fun too!

Earning Money
Earning Money

Adults know what earning money is and how it should be done and they also know its importance in their lives, but kids are not yet aware of what earning money is, how they should do it and they are not even aware of its importance.

Parents should at this point teach their kids how to earn money and even help them do that at an early age at home by paying them for helping out with specific things.

Try to be patient and don’t be a parent who pampers his kids and brings them what they ask for immediately because this will make things harder for them in the future, they might fail to depend on themselves and they will also fail to give money any value and spend it wisely.

Earning Money
Earning Money

There are some ways to earn money as a kid. Your parent could give a dollar for each chore. You can do little chores in your the house such as:

  • Put away the grocery.
  • Bring the dirty clothes and sort the clothes according to color.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Put the dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Unload the dishwasher.
  • Clean up the mess in your room and your sibling’s room.
  • Dry the dishes after the meal.
  • Make your bed.
  • Feed the pets.
  • Pull weeds and water the plants in the garden.
  • Vacuum the house.
  • Wish the dishes.
  • Fold the laundry.
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Take care of your younger sibling.
  • Rake the leaves.
  • Shovel the snow.
  • Make simple meals “peel easy fruit like tangerine and banana” and make fruit salad.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Dust the furniture.
  • Clear the dinner table.
  • Check the mail.
  • Set the dinner table.
  • Throw away the trash.
  • Help with the cooking and dinner preparation.

You can also ask your neighbors to assist them to do little chores for a little Money:

  • Pull weeds and water the plants in their garden.
  • Buy the grocery for them.
  • Feed their pets.
  • Clean their cars.
  • Fold their laundry.
  • Throw away their rubbish.
  • Shovel the snow in their garden.
  • Rake the leaves in their garden.
  • Wash garden windows.
  • Water the garden.
  • Walk their dog.
  • Check their mails.

You can do simple Jobs to Earn Money by Yourself:

  • You can Sell your Unused Stuff

All of us have a lot of stuff which we don’t use such as toys, clothes, books, etc. You can sell this stuff online or personally. If you decide to sell your stuff online, you can use an online website or you can make a Facebook group and sell through it.

If you decide to sell personally, you can determine a day for this and invite your friends and family to your house’s garden or garage.

  • You can Teach others your Skills

If you are good at drawing, writing, reading, crafting, singing, dancing, etc. you can teach other young people your talent and earn money.

  • Make Jewellery

You can make jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with wooden beads, strings, and clays.

  • Selling T-shirts

Many websites help you to design T-shirts without any need for a graphic designer or screen printer. Nowadays selling and designing t-shirts is easier than before.

  • Create your Youtube Channel

Nowadays youtube has become a powerful tool to use to earn money. If you are thirteen years old or more you can make your account, if you are not, your parents can do it for you. 

You can easily make and download your purposeful videos. You can talk about many purposes you are interested in. From here you can earn a lot of money.

  • Be a Photographer

No one doesn’t like photos. All of us love taking pictures, especially during personal events such as weddings, engagements, graduations, and birthdays.

earning money, kids, learning, teaching, tips for earning money, be a photographer, become a dog walker LearningMole
Be a photographer

You can simply use your mobile phone and take random pictures then you can sell them to online stocks sites. These websites accept any kind of photos. The important thing is that the picture should have a good resolution. From here you can earn a lot of money. If you see yourself not good at taking pictures, there are a lot of websites that offer training, courses, tutorials, and classes you can attend online.

  • Work as a Writer

If you see yourself as a good writer, you can write different content for sites and get paid for that. There are many websites that search for young writers for their points of view, skills, and creativity.

  • Offer Some of your Stuff for Rent

If you have old or unused stuff, you can rent them and get paid for this. You can rent many things such as books, bikes, gardening tools, bags, and even shoes.

  • Sell your Crafts

If you love doing crafts you can do it and get paid for it. You can do many types of handmade crafts such as greeting cards, posters, flyers, and envelopes. You can invent papercraft such as intricate boxes, you can also wrap presents and do many creative crafts and earn money from it.

  • Sell your Drawings
earning money, kids, learning, teaching, tips for earning money, be a photographer, become a dog walker LearningMole
Sell your drawings

Drawing is a great way to introduce yourself and express your feelings. If you love drawing you can earn from it. You can put your drawing online to sell it.

  • Become a Dog Walker 

Many dog owners are searching for a good walker for their dogs. You can ask your neighbor and friends if they need one. You can also make an advertisement online to search for dog walkers in your neighborhood.

earning money, kids, learning, teaching, tips for earning money, be a photographer, become a dog walker LearningMole
Become a Dog Walker
  • Wash Cars

Many people don’t have time to wash their cars, so they search for reliable people to wash their cars.

earning money, kids, learning, teaching, tips for earning money, be a photographer, become a dog walker LearningMole
Wash cars
  • Create an Online Course

After facing many problems with face-to-face courses, people are willing to attend courses online. It’s so easy to create a gainful course. If you are well at school you can share your knowledge with other children in the same grade and make money.

Some kids get the information from their classmates easier than getting it from their tutors or teachers.

Tips for Earning Money as a Kid

Earning money at an early age is so important for you, which helps you to learn how to be responsible and dependable but don’t forget:

  1. Work ethics.
  2. Learn how finances work.
  3. Set your priorities.
  4. listen to your parents’ advice.
  5. Don’t keep any secrets from your parents.
  6. Talk to trusted adults such as parents, teachers, and your older brother or sister.
  7. Search for trusted online sources.

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