Crayola Light Designer – How Can I use it for an Exciting Education?

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You will find new tools being created every now and then to allow and support you in the homeschooling journey that you might be going after with your kids.

What is Crayola Light Designer

Crayola light designer is one of these creations and it is actually one of those which we believe made it easier and much interesting for the kids to play while learning.

Crayola Light Designer
A Girl is Holding a White Board

The idea behind the Crayola light designer is to help you know whether the answer you have placed for the question you have already written is right or wrong.

Crayola Light Designer and White Board

This is following the concept of the white board – or any board actually – but it has its own pencils which you use to write on it and then clean it with a piece of cloth.

When you write a specific question on this kind of board, it could help you to know whether the answer written afterwards is right or not through the light; it will light up if the answer is right and it will not if the answer is wrong.

Crayola Light Designer in English and Maths

This is not a tool that is used with maths and numbers only but it could be used with English words as well – like what we have done with drawing the cat and letting James guess the middle missing letter – so it works with maths and with English.

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