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Counting Rhymes for Kids – Ten in a Bed. A fun counting rhyme to help your child learn the numbers from 1 to 10. Learn the numbers in English, learn to count, count on and have fun with numbers.

Counting for kids comes in so many different ways and in so many interesting methods and techniques; they could be songs, they could be competitions and they could come in the traditional ways but with permitting the kids to be the ones in control.

In this educational video, counting rhymes for kids is the method used and depended on. There are lots of songs for kids out there which are done for the sake of enjoyment and finding something to watch and sing with that suits their age, but sometimes these videos are for the sake of teaching them something, such as numbers, words, letters, etc.

Counting rhymes for kids are numerous and in this video, we brought one of them which is named “Ten in a Bed” It is all about the story of the ten bears sleeping on the same bed and rolling over to fall one after the other, leaving the one asking them to roll over for some space in the first place sleeping on his own.

When you choose to teach your kids to count by using rhymes, it is important to give some help to the process. For example, you should sing with them and stress the numbers and you should also let them sing along with you when you repeat the song for them once again.

Listening to the same song over and over again is believed to let the song stay there in the mind of the person listening to it and even let him/her repeat it without even realizing; it might even happen with parents that they find themselves repeating the songs which they play for their kids.

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Counting games and activities

As much as showing your kids some educational videos is considered helpful and beneficial at some point, as much as it is still not preferred to depend on such videos to a great extent because they also carry side effects on them especially if they are still babies, so always make sure you are showing them these counting rhymes but at the same time not more than what they are supposed to see.

Different other methods could be used for teaching kids numbers and giving them the chance to learn how to count. Counting could be done as a game that kids play and have to answer with the right questions, such as playing with Lego pieces (Counting Games for Kids) and it could be through kid’s rhymes and songs, such as the Five Little Monkeys which is another song that kids could learn the numbers from (Counting Rhymes for Children…..).

There are different videos which parents could check and which are all related to counting numbers; there is one teaching the kids to count from 1 to 20 (Counting Numbers from 1-20…..), there is this one related to teaching the kids to count from 1 to 20 while differentiating between the even and odd numbers (Counting on from 1 to 20…..) and there is also a video that focuses on counting and mental maths and at the same time teaches the kids to differentiate between the tens and ones (Counting for kids).

It is important to teach your kids counting from an early age, as it is important to teach them the letters, but you should always focus on the different methods you are using and check how they might be affecting your kids and how they might be responding to them in the first place; do they like the songs you are choosing, do they count with them, etc.

When it comes to choosing the kids songs which they will learn something from, focus on choosing the songs which will carry a meaning for them and one which they will actually understand, don’t just choose a song for the nice music it has and forget about the words it might be carrying, because kids will start asking questions and they might understand things wrongly.

This is all about the “Ten in a Bed” song for the kids to teach them counting from one to ten. Enjoy watching the video with your kids and let us know your feedback and how the kids responded to it in the end.

Help your child to explore the key concepts of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in Maths. Spelling, reading, writing and grammar in English. Help them to develop their imagination and creativity with crafts and to explore a range of skills to cook, bake and create tasty treats and snacks.

Easy-to-follow activities will support you and your child to learn and practice new concepts as well as enjoy spending time together. Help your child to progress and explore and most importantly – have fun!

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