Counting for Kids – Brilliant Counting Activities and Games – KS1

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Do you know that playing some mathematical games with your kids is considered the best educational method used with them?

Counting for Kids

Counting for Kids: Math Classes

Counting for kids is the baby steps which they take into the world of Math and in this video, we brought some simple games that would help them in the process.

Counting is the initial steps taken in math classes because it proves that the kids know the numbers and know their order.

Counting for Kids: Activities and Games

There are different games that would prove the ability of the kid to count and in this video we are bringing some ideas related to building blocks and the tiny characters which the kids love to play with – that’s of course in addition to using pen and paper!

To teach James how to count, Michelle first asked him to count the number of blocks and characters she held for him, which he did.

This is important also because the kid will start to correlate between the thing he is holding and the number he is counting and that happens by moving the objects while counting.

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