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Vikings- Fun Vikings Facts for Kids- KS2

Facts about the vikings that kids should know about but in order not to make the information seem boring, the story being told to...

10 Viking Longship Facts- Vikings

Are you searching for an interesting story that could state some interesting and important facts about the viking longships for your kids? Animation would...

Tornado Information

Tornadoes for Kids-Tornado Facts-What is a Tornado-Tornado Information- How Tornadoes Form-Cyclones

Ancient Egypt Facts for Kids

Egyptian Pyramid Adventure - Ancient Egypt KS2 - Ancient Egypt Facts for Kids -egypt facts for kids

What Causes Earthquakes

What Causes Eathquakes Earthquake Information Earthquake Facts for Kids Effects of Earthquakes This video includes: What Causes Earthquakes? Earthquake Information Earthquake Facts for Kids Earthquake Information Earthquake Definition How do earthquakes...

What is Thunder and Lightning?- Weather for Kids- KS2

Do your kids know what thunder and lightening is? Do they know that they should follow specific tips during lightening times in order to...