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Age 3-5 Writing

The best of the LearningMole writing tutorials. Follow for more great fun learning. To find out more about LearningMole please visit our about us page or visit more of our topics available. Our tutorials are ideal for homeschooling. From maths to English, to history and geography, to crafts and cooking.

Writing Letter ‘n’ Phonics Sounds

Writing Letter 'n' Phonics Sounds for Kids Phase 1

Writing Letter ‘s’ Phonics sounds for Kids Phase 1

Writing Letter 's' Phonics sounds for Kids Phase 1

Writing Letter ‘t’ Lego Activity

Writing Letter 't' lego activity - Writing in English for Kids

Writing Letters – ABC’s the Alphabet for Kids

Writing Letters - ABC's the Alphabet for Kids

The ABC – Alphabet Letters

The ABC - Alphabet Letters - English Alphabet - Phonics KS1 - Phonics Sounds This video includes: Alphabet Letters Phonics for Kids Phonics Sounds English Alphabet Phonics for KS1 Phonics for...

Alphabet – help your child learn the ABC’s

A fun video focused on food to help your child learn the letters of the English alphabet. Each letter is associated with a food...

Play Doh Alphabet

Learn to write letters using Play Doh - a fun way to encourage your child to think about the shape and how to form...

Learning the Alphabet – Letter ‘L’

Learning the Alphabet - Letter 'L' with a fun, practical activity which your child will enjoy. Use arts and crafts to help your child...

Lego Writing letters – ‘p’

An educational video to help your child explore writing their letters. Letter formation, letter recognition and letter sounds are all essential in the reading...