Baseball Facts for Kids – 5 Brilliant Facts about Baseball

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Have you ever tried to play baseball? Or have you seen a baseball game on TV? Here are five brilliant baseball facts for kids.

Baseball Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Players Must Run to Bases on The Baseball Field

There are four bases on the baseball field which form a diamond shape. The first three bases are first base, second base, and third base. The fourth base is known as the home base/plate. These bases are made of synthetic rubber.

These bases are all 90 feet apart from each other. If a player manages to run to each base in one go this is called a home-run. This usually happens when the player hits the ball out-of-the stadium. It is very hard to do this!

Baseball Facts for Kids
Baseball Facts for Kids: Baseball player running on court

Baseball Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: If a Player Misses The Ball It Is Called a Strike

During a baseball game one team must be the pitching team and the other team must be the batting team. These roles change throughout the game. If a pitcher throws the ball badly to the batter and the batter fails to hit it, this is called a no-hitter.

If a pitcher throws a good ball and the batter misses it, this is called a strike. A batter is allowed two strikes, on the third strike the batter is out of the game.

Baseball Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: There Are Different Types of Baseball Bats

There are many different types of baseball bats out there that baseball players use. Baseball bats can be made from wood, aluminium or composite. Wooden bats are usually made from ash or maple trees. Aluminium bats are banned from the Major League as the players can hit the ball harder and further making it dangerous and unfair to the opposition team.

The Major League is the North American professional baseball organisation. Composite bats are the lightest bat out of the three. These bats are not that popular as they can break easier in colder weather.

Baseball Facts for Kids LearningMole
Baseball bat and balls

Baseball Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: The American Baseball Is Handmade

Every baseball used in the Major League is handmade. Each baseball is made of cowhide, which is the skin and hair of a cow, and hand sewn together with the famous red thread. Each baseball has 108 double stitches.

That is a lot of hand sewing! For every game of baseball in the Major League, teams are required to have over 120  baseballs ready. Throughout the year, each Major league team uses over 10,000 baseballs each season. That is a lot of baseballs!

Baseball Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: The New York Yankees Do not Allow Players to Have Beards or Long Hair

First introduced in 1976 by George Steinbrenner, the New York Yankees’ players are banned from having long hair or beards. Steinbrenner believed this made the player more disciplined.

George Steinbrenner, the owner of the New York Yankees died in 2010, and still to this day the New York Yankees have the ban in place. The New York Yankees are the only Major League Baseball team with this rule. Would you cut your hair to play with a team?

Baseball Facts for Kids LearningMole
Two man playing baseball during daytime

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about baseball as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this sport is, you can move on to learn about other sports and activities like: Table Tennis, Swimming, Diving, Resistance Training, Hiking, Alternative Movement and Exercise Videos.

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