Animals in Italian For Absolute Beginners: All You Want to Know is Here

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Learning about animals in Italian or any other new language should be at the top of the main topics you must learn in this language. And since we know there’s a huge amount of animals on our planet to know about, we have done our best to make this topic easy and well-organized for you.

So this article is a summary of all the animals you might encounter in Italian. It’s divided into several sections as follows:

At the end of this article, you will find a short quiz to test yourself out. So don’t forget to give it a try.

Before getting started, we want to point out that all the words in this article are put in the singular masculine form for the sake of simplicity. However, if your level in Italian is intermediate or advanced, feel free to check out how gender rules work in Italian words.

Pets in Italian

Pets in Italian
PetL’animale domestico
DogIl cane
PuppyIl cagnolino/ il cucciolo
CatIl gatto
KittenIl gattino
HamsterIl criceto
Guinea pigLa cavia
Turtle/ TortoiseLa tartaruga
FishIl pesce
GoldfishIl pesce rosso
Pets in Italian

Farm Animals in Italian

Farm Animals in Italian
ChickenIl pollo
HenLa gallina
RoosterIl gallo
ChickIl pulcino
TurkeyIl tacchino
CowLa mucca / La vacca
BullIl toro
SheepLa pecora
RabbitIl coniglio
PigIl maiale
GoatLa capra
HorseIl cavallo
Farmyard animals in Italian

Don’t know how to accurately say these words in Italian, here’s a short video that helps you do so:

Domestic animals in Italian

Wild Animals in Italian

Wild Animals in Italian
WolfIl lupo
HedgehogIl riccio / Il porcospino
BatIl pipistrello
SnakeIl serpente
LizardLa lucertola
SquirrelLo scoiattolo
HareLa lepre
LionIl leone
LeopardIl leopardo
TigerLa tigre
CheetahIl ghepardo
ZebraLa zebra
GiraffeLa giraffa
MonkeyLa scimmia
GorillaIl gorilla
CamelIl cammello
RhinoIl rinoceronte
Polar bearl’orso polare
PenguinIl pinguino
CaribouIl caribù
FoxLa volpe
KangarooIl canguro
PantherLa pantera
JaguarIl giaguaro
KoalaIl koala
PandaIl panda
SlothIl bradipo
CrocodileIl coccodrillo
Common wild animals in Italian

You can listen to the following video and repeat after the speaker to master the correct pronunciation of all wild animals in Italian.

Wild animals in Italian

Aquatic Animals in Italian

Aquatic Animals in Italian
FishIl pesce
JellyfishLa medusa
WhaleLa balena
DolphinIl delfino
SharkLo squalo
OctopusIl polpo / il polipo
SealLa foca
WalrusIl tricheco
CrabIl granchio
ShrimpIl gambero
SquidIl calamaro
StarfishLa stella marina
CarpLa carpa
SeahorseIl cavalluccio marino
Sea lionIl leone marino
Aquatic animals in Italian

Birds in Italian

Birds in Italian
ParrotIl pappagallo
SparrowIl passero
Pigeon/ doveIl piccione
OwlIl gufo/ la civetta
SeagullIl gabbiano
CrowIl corvo
FalconIl falco
PeacockIl pavone
OstrichLo struzzo
CanaryIl canarino
Birds in Italian

Small Animals in Italian

Small Animals in Italian
MouseIl topo
GeckoIl geco
SpiderIl ragno
AntLa formica
WaspLa vespa
FlyLa mosca
ScorpionLo scorpione
TickLa zecca
MosquitoLa zanzara
BeetleLo scarabeo
CockroachLo scarafaggio
CaterpillarIl bruco
BugLa coccinella
FrogLa rana
Horse flyLa mosca cavallina
SnailLa lumaca
GrasshopperLa cavalletta
ButterflyLa farfalla
Small animals in Italian

Animal Parts in Italian

Animal Parts in Italian
HeadLa testa
MouthLa bocca
ToothIl dente
FangLa zanna
TailLa coda
HornIl corno
HoofLo zoccolo
FeatherLa piuma
FurLa pelliccia
HairIl pelo
PawLa zampa
FinLa pinna
TrunkIl bagagliaio
LegLa gamba
Parts of animals in Italian


That was our topic for today, and we hope you found this article interesting and informative. Till next time, don’t forget to keep practising the language.

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Now, our final station, try to solve the short quiz that we’ve designed for you to test yourself out on this topic.

A short quiz on the topic: animals in Italian.

Q (1). How do you say rabbit in Italian?

  1. Il coniglio.
  2. Il cammello.
  3. Il criceto.
  4. Il giaguaro.

Q (2). What does the word “Il lupo” mean in English?

  1. The hare.
  2. The horse.
  3. The fox.
  4. The wolf.

Q (3). Which of the following words is the correct word for “snake” in Italian?

  1. Il passero.
  2. Lo struzzo.
  3. Il serpente.
  4. La lumaca.

Q (4). What’s the meaning of the word “Il ragno” in English?

  1. The spider.
  2. The scorpion.
  3. The snail.
  4. The snake.

Q (5). Which of the following animals has four legs?

  1. Il serpente.
  2. La rana.
  3. La gallina.
  4. Il pesce.

Q (6). Which of the following animals can fly?

  1. Il canguro.
  2. Il maiale.
  3. Il leone.
  4. La mosca.

Q (7). Do you know which of the following words is the correct name for “cow” in Italian?

  1. L’oca.
  2. Il toro.
  3. La mucca.
  4. Il maiale.

Q (8). Which of the following words is the correct translaton of “Il tacchino”?

  1. The turkey.
  2. The hen.
  3. The rooster.
  4. The chick.

Q (9). Which of the following animals live in the sea?

  1. La balena.
  2. La pecora.
  3. Il cavallo.
  4. Il pappagallo.

Q (10). All the following are domestic animals that you can live with, except..

  1. Il cane.
  2. Il gatto.
  3. Il coniglio.
  4. Il leone.

The correct answers:

Q (1) – 1

Q (2) – 4

Q (3) – 3

Q (4) – 1

Q (5) – 2

Q (6) – 4

Q (7) – 3

Q (8) – 1

Q (9) – 1

Q (10) – 4

Complete the following words with the correct missing letter:

Q (1) – Il c_ gn_ li_ o (the puppy).

Q (2) – Il se_ pe_ te (the snake).

Q (3) – La g_ l_ i_ a (the hen).

Q (4) – Il le_ pa_ do (the leopard).

Q (5) – La f_ r_ a_ la (the butterfly).

Q (6) – La m_ d_ sa (the jellyfish).

Q (7) – La m_ s_ a (the fly).

Q (8) – La v_ l_ e (the fox).

Q (9) – Il gh_ p_ r_ o (the cheetah).

Q (10) – Il c_ v_ l_ o (the horse).

The correct answers:

Q (1) – Il cagnolino.

Q (2) – Il serpente.

Q (3) – La gallina.

Q (4) – Il leopardo.

Q (5) – La farfalla.

Q (6) – La medusa.

Q (7) – La mosca.

Q (8) – La volpe.

Q (9) – Il ghepardo.

Q (10) – Il cavallo.

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