Best Lego Games – Math Game for Kids.

A fun, educational math video providing parents with ideas and math resources to support their child at home. Focusing on addition this video demonstrates how to use the simple idea of ‘Four in a Row’ or ‘Connect Four’ to help challenge and develop your child’s addition skills. A simple addition game for kids that can be made quickly at home with just pen, paper and a die.

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Lego Math – Counting for Kids – Math Games for Kids | Lego Challenges | Maths KS1 | Math Games |Math

Math and Lego, are two things that come along with one another perfectly because counting with the different Lego pieces is interesting for the kids. This is not just about counting, but it will also take the kids a little bit further with learning to subtract and add.

The Lego math lesson should be creative, even if this creativity will only appear in the display. In this math game for kids, the idea is in drawing a street with different blocks scattered all around it. Every single block (or square) drawn on the paper should carry a number on it, this number will help in the game when it starts, it will let the kids know the number which they are supposed to place on every single block.

The number of Lego pieces taken every single time will depend on the number appearing on the dice. For example, if the first number the kid receives is 2, he/she will choose to place those Lego pieces in any of the blocks if the number on them is bigger or equal, and in case it is bigger, the next time the kid should make sure to use the number of Lego pieces which are going to fulfil the number of the block they are standing on.

Lego Math Games for Kids – Subtraction – Learn to Subtract

There are lots of different ideas to use when it comes to math and since we are referring to the methods related to counting then we should say that there are lots of games to be used for such a purpose. Kids could learn to count while making shapes with Play-Doh, they could count with using cheerios or other sweets and be rewarded with them at the end, and they could also learn to count through the ordinary ways of writing the numbers on a piece of paper.

When you are playing with your kids and trying to teach them something, always give them the time and freedom to think and do whatever they want because that will give them the time and the chance to think and consider the answer before finally saying it out loud. Don’t rush the kids or make them feel that they are late in their answer, this will always ruin everything for them.

Math Games – Learning through play

Best Lego Games – Math Game for Kids.
Counting Games for Kids – Number Games – Counting Numbers

There are different games and lessons which kids could depend on to learn to count correctly, and when we say count then we are also referring to addition and subtraction, and Lego is one of the most effective since it manages to let the kids not only think about counting and making shapes, but it also gives them the chance to consider the size and the colours when they are working out the whole thing, so it permits them to think about the equation from different corners.

What else do you think could be taught through using the Lego pieces other than counting in the math lessons? We believe that in addition to math and counting, Lego could also be useful when it is used in teaching the kids to become creative by asking them to build their own shapes or castles, this will usually give them the freedom to show you where they could actually reach with their creativity.

Lego is also one of the methods used while teaching kids the English alphabet and letting the kids build the letters through the different colourful pieces (writing letters with Lego activity).

Enjoy watching these videos about learning math and counting using the Lego pieces and let us know your feedback about the effectiveness of these videos with your kids, did they count the pieces and do the right calculations?

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