Addition for Kids 1- Addition in Real Life- KS1


Do you know that using the games which the kids are used to play with and inserting the mathematical vocabulary within the day-to-day conversations is one of the effective ways that help them learn faster and become cleverer at it all? Addition is one of the mathematical operations that we usually learn the first thing at school, just after learning the numbers and knowing how to count and that is exactly the same way kids are going through the process nowadays. Addition could be taught to the kids through lots of ways but Michelle thinks that mental math games end up being the most effective because it gives the kid the chance to think, play and end up with the needed answer. The real life maths is the lesson which Michelle is giving the parents through this educational video because it is one of the important steps that should be taken when it comes to homeschooling. The idea behind the real life maths is to use the math vocabulary within the day-to-day conversations that are built with the children in order to link the whole process to the life they are living and understand the reason behind learning how to add in the first place.