Addition for Kids 5- Using Known Facts- KS1 & KS2


Addition has always been the easiest when it came to the world of math for kids, they always started the journey with knowing the numbers, knowing how to count and eventually they came to the point where they started to learn how to add. Some kids might know the answer for adding two specific numbers together, they usually know what the outcome will be, but it is still considered important to let the kids know some methods in addition to use when they face any mathematical equation they have never solved before or which they are not yet sure of its answer. A lot of kids know that 10 plus 10 would give them 20 as an answer, but they should also know how they are supposed to double check through the methods that they learn in school or even at home. The most important thing is to use the already known facts by the kids, use the numbers and the equations they already know in order to teach them how to reach a specific answer in general.