About LearningMole- Idea behind LearningMole


What is LearningMole? Who are the team behind it? That’s the first thing you would be asking yourself when you come across any of the videos we are airing for you and that one is dedicated for all those who want to find the right answer, it will tell you who is behind this channel. The one who is behind LearningMole is Michelle Connolly who have 15 years of experience in teaching the primary sector across the UK and internationally, making her a qualified teacher who you could depend on when it comes to educating your kids at home through watching these different videos. “When I was teaching, I was constantly creating everything, making resources for children to make sure they were constantly stimulated and challenged, however after many discussions with parents and through parents teaching consultations, I quickly became very clear that there wasn’t a lot of support for parents; how do I teach my child addition? How is addition taught today in schools? were questions I was constantly being asked” That is the thing Michelle said when asked about the reason behind starting LearningMole and the one reason behind offering this kind of information for parents and kids through her videos.