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Palm Tree Facts for Kids

Palm Trees: Great Mysteries and Benefits

Palm trees belong to the monocotyledon family’s flowering plants, and the scientific name is Palmae. It consists of a long, slender stem that is green when the palm is young and turns grey as time passes. Its leaves are called fronds, and its base is smooth and green. Its basic structure consists of needle-shaped, curved […]

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Facts about Mummification for Kids

Interesting Facts about Mummification

Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods and went to an ‘afterlife’ when a person died. To understand Egyptian mummification, we must first understand their religious beliefs. The afterlife was an essential aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture. Therefore, they prepared for the afterlife by keeping their bodies longer. They achieved this through a process called embalming. […]

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Snakes in Egyptian Mythology

Fun Info about Snakes in Egyptian Mythology

Snakes are a symbol of royalty and divinity in Egyptian mythology. It protects the Egyptians from chaos, as it’s a symbol of protection. Pharaohs used to wear crowns which are decorated with a Cobra to show power and seek protection. The story of the protective snakes begins with the protective “Mehen”, who encircled “Ra” in […]

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How Old is Egypt?

How Old is Egypt? 6 Amazing Facts

Egypt is home to the oldest civilizations on earth. Its modern English name is derived from the Greek word Aegyptus. In 5500 BCE, there were two main kingdoms extending over the Nile River. Egyptian historians called them Upper and Lower Egypt. In 3200 BCE, the two kingdoms were brought together under one rule and one […]

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Who was the First Woman Pharaoh? 8 Interesting Questions Answered About Hatshepsut

The first woman pharaoh was a woman called Hatshepsut (who also went by the name Maatkare). This article will tell you all about her life, reign, and legacy.

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Interesting Ancient Tales for Kids

Interesting Ancient Tales From all Over the World

A myth or an ancient tale can feed the imaginations and souls of humans. The vast majority of these tales are just stories people have handed down through the decades.  But a few of these tales have roots in real geological events of the past, giving warning of possible dangers and speaking to the astonishment […]

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amazing Egypt

8 Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is a great country located in northeast Africa. Egypt is officially the Arab Republic of Egypt. It has a total area of 1,002,450 square km. The current population of Egypt in 2021 is 104,258,327. Egypt has one of the longest histories of any country. The official currency of Egypt is called the Egyptian Pound. […]

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Ancient Civilization - Egypt for Kids

The Top 3 Ancient Mesmerizing Civilizations

Engaging Facts About Ancient Egypt Egypt is the gift of the Nile as it was described by the Greek traveler Herodotus in the fifth century B.C. History of Egypt is one of the oldest and longest world civilizations. Egypt civilization passed through various stages from ancient Egypt to the present, from Kings to emperors to […]

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