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Viking Warriors Facts for Kids – 5 Valuable Facts about Viking Warriors

Viking warriors were ferocious but would you like to know more about them? Here are five ferocious Vikings Warriors facts for kids. Viking Warriors Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets I’m sure you have seen drawings of Viking warriors with big horns coming from their helmets but archaeologists tell us […]

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Crocodiles for Kids

Crocodiles Facts for Kids – 5 Awesome Facts about Crocodiles

Do you know how and where crocodiles live? Here are five awesome facts about crocodiles for kids. Crocodiles Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Crocodiles and Alligators Do you know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? There are a few differences, but the most obvious one is Crocodiles have teeth that will sit […]

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Vikings Facts for Kids – 5 Fascinating Facts about Vikings

Today we will learn five frightening facts about Vikings for kids. Vikings Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Great Sailors The Vikings were famous for sailing huge distances from the home in Scandinavia between AD 800 and 1066 to raid and plunder. But they also traded with people from other countries. That’s a long time. […]

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Anglo-Saxons Facts for Kids – 5 Amazing Facts about The Anglo-Saxons

Have you ever imagined living during The Anglo-Saxons time? How was life look like? Here are five amazing facts about The Anglo-Saxons for kids. Fact Number 1: There was an Anglo-Saxon King so successful they called him Alfred The Great King Alfred the Great is one of the most well-known English kings of all time. […]

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Ancient Inventions Facts for Kids – 5 Astonishing Facts about Ancient Inventions

Have you ever wondered who invented toothpaste or chocolate? Here are five astonishing ancient inventions that is very interesting to learn about. Ancient Inventions Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Toothpaste Toothpaste was invented around 7,000 years ago. We brush our teeth in the morning to look after our teeth. And although our toothpaste only […]

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animal's organs

Learn about 12 Majestic Organs Found in 12 Extraordinary Animals – Part 1

Humans are by far the most intelligent species. The human brain, the complicated source of all this intelligence, is the one organ responsible for giving us a superior position over the rest of the organisms ever found on this planet. Only weighing around 1.34 kg in men and 1.2 in women, the human brain could […]

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Palm Tree Facts for Kids

Palm Trees: Great Mysteries and Benefits

Palm trees belong to the monocotyledon family’s flowering plants, and the scientific name is Palmae. It consists of a long, slender stem that is green when the palm is young and turns grey as time passes. Its leaves are called fronds, and its base is smooth and green. Its basic structure consists of needle-shaped, curved […]

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Facts about Pistachios

A Crunchy Pistachios Tale: 13 Interesting Facts About These Salty Munchies

Eating crunchy while enjoying a good movie or your favourite video game is a blessing. It is even more enjoyable when you munch on something healthy yet delicious; pistachios. People usually perceive them as nuts, accompanied by other flavourful nuts like cashews, walnuts, and almonds. Interestingly, the pistachio is a fruit. It is one of […]

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Lizard Facts for Kids

10 Uncommon Yet Mesmerising Facts About Lizards Every Kid Should Know

When we hear the word lizard, most of us think of Pascal, Rapunzel’s tiny colour-shifting pet from Disney’s 2010 animated film, Tangled. Pascal was goofy but super cute. He had a surprisingly long tongue which he could stick out and an even longer tail that he could roll up. In real life, lizards are just […]

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Political Systems Explained

14 Political Systems around the World

A political system is a set of codified practices and behaviours that legally regulate the work of institutions and forces in a single society. It is the system of politics and governance in a state or society, a very simplified definition of a more complex system; This means that the regulatory and adverse authority is […]

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Funniest Monkeys in the World

Funniest Monkeys in the World

Monkeys are social and active animals that live worldwide and come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Monkeys are estimated to have more than 260 species, and they are separated into two main categories, the New World category and the Old World category. While Old World monkeys exist in Asia and Africa, New World monkeys […]

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Desert Facts for Kids

Living in a Desert: 7 Tips and Silks to Survive

The desert is an arid geographical area characterized by scarcity of rain, as the rain rate may reach less than 25 mm annually. Therefore, the weather conditions in it are hostile to animal and plant life due to the lack of fruitful and seasonal plants and water level. Scientists define deserts according to the amount […]

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Farm Pets for Kids

Farm Pets: 11 Popular Farm Pets!

Farm pets are animals kept and raised on farms for agricultural purposes. Farm pets usually live on farms; however, some of them are in zoos. Some farm animals are treated as pets, like pigs, chickens and goats; however, these animals are meant to live in livestock, not inside houses. Farm animals should stay outside the […]

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Hawk Facts for Kids

Hawks: Amazing Facts for Kids about the Broad-Winged Raptors

“It is unwise for one to think that a hen will ever be accorded respect in the land of the hawks.” African Proverb We can pretty much classify animals according to different aspects. In biology, the standard sequence is the taxonomy hierarchy which divides all organisms based on eight categories that go from broad to […]

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Facts about Baboons for Kids

10 Interesting Facts about Baboons

Baboons are one of the types of monkeys that are easy to identify, as they are characterised by tufts of hair on both sides of the face and hairless bottoms, which are often red. The baboon is considered one of the ancient world’s monkeys, and the baboon’s tail differs from the rest of the monkeys, […]

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Uranium- Learning the Elements for Kids

Uranium: What is it and How does it work?

What is Uranium ? It is an important chemical element, symbolized by the chemical symbol “U”, and its atomic number equals “92”. It is located in the periodic table within the elements of the third group and the seventh period. It is classified into the elements of the lactinide group. A piece of pure uranium […]

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Mercury - Learn the elements for Kids

Mercury: Many debates about the valuable Element

What is Mercury? Mercury is one of the important chemical elements. It has its symbol, “Hg”, and its atomic number is “80”; it cannot exist freely in nature; Due to its ability to bind with a number of different elements and form its own compounds, the most important of which is mercury sulfide. The raw […]

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Science Branches for Kids

3 Most Common Science Branches for Kids

Howdy young learner, how have you been? We will be talking about Science branches for kids on this ride. So get ready for a whole new adventure full of interestingly fun information. Let us get started by breaking down our journey. First, we will be mentioning the etymology of the word ‘science’. The etymology of […]

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Apollo for Kids

Magnificent Aspects of Apollo

Are you ready to embark on another Space adventure? This adventure will include some Greek legends and tales. It will consist of historical records of space stories and even songs. This journey is all about Apollo.  Apollo can be so many things. In this adventure, Apollo is one of our favourite songs, the famous Greek […]

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Inuit Facts for Kids

The Inuit for Kids – 5 Brilliant Facts about the Inuit

Have you ever heard the word “Inuit” and wondered what does it means? Lets have some fun and read 5 brilliant facts about the Inuit for kids. Fact Number One: Inuit just means ‘the people’ In the Inuit language the word Inuit means ‘the people’ so they are described as the people of their tribe. […]

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Language Learning Elements for Kids

Language: Important Elements for Learning a Language

While different cultures have different symbol systems, one symbol is common to all: Language. Language is a system of signs through which people communicate and transmit culture. Some languages ​​contain symbolic systems for written communication, while others rely solely on verbal communication and nonverbal behaviour. In each case, the symbols we use represent other things, […]

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Ancient china for Kids

5 Amazing Facts about Ancient China

Fact Number One: Ancient China was ruled by families called Dynasties The government of Ancient China was ruled by an Emperor and his family. These powerful families were called Dynasties. Each dynasty gives its name to a period of time in China. The government would be ruled by that family for a very long time. […]

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Cats in Egyptian Mythology

Cats in Egyptian Mythology

Research has shown that cats can improve moods, deliver emotional support, and share the morale of their owners. In addition, Cats promote socialization among older individuals and physically or mentally disabled people. Cats are playful and have a unique way of showing affection. They are the favourite pets for many people because of their cuteness […]

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Gold - Understanding Elements for Kids

Gold: Your Guide to the Precious element

This guide aims to provide a description of the importance of the precious metal “Gold”, in man’s economic and artistic development throughout his history. We will discover together the origins of gold, its diffusion and its uses, going from ancient times to the present day. We will see how even today, gold represents a precious […]

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Egyptians for Kids

Egypt for Kids: 5 Exciting Facts about Egypt

Have you ever thought about how ancient and modern Egypt look like? Have fun with our five fun facts about Egypt for kids! Fact number 1: 96% of Egypt is desert Egypt is a very dry and hot country and they get very little rain. On average Egypt has between 20 millimetres and 200 millimetres […]

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Old Macdonald's Farm for Kids

Which Animals Did Old McDonald Have in His Farm?

Which Animals Did Old MacDonald Have on His Farm? One of the most perpetually enchanting and traditional children’s songs is Old MacDonald Had a Farm. It follows the story of an old farmer, MacDonald, who had a farm where he kept some animals. The song goes in a beautiful rhythm while changing the animal’s name […]

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Learn about Textiles for Kids

Learn about Textiles, More Than One Type of Fibers, and the Remarkable Textile Production

The word textile generally means woven or knitted cloth. There are similar names for manufactured materials like cloth, textile, or fabric. Textiles are used for everything such as furniture, couches, and mattresses. Shelters such as tents and awnings are also made of textiles.  Textiles are formed from fibers that can be animal-based, plant-based, or synthetic. […]

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Who was Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler: Tale of A Dictator

Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, who had fascist policies that led to World War II, where millions of people were killed. He is one of the most notorious dictators in history. Despite all this, Hitler remains one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of the 20th century. His story […]

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Facts about Mummification for Kids

Interesting Facts about Mummification

Ancient Egyptians believed in many gods and went to an ‘afterlife’ when a person died. To understand Egyptian mummification, we must first understand their religious beliefs. The afterlife was an essential aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture. Therefore, they prepared for the afterlife by keeping their bodies longer. They achieved this through a process called embalming. […]

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Egyptian Statues for kids

3 Interesting Types of Egyptian Statues

Ancient Egyptian statues range in size from the largest one, like the Great Sphinx in Giza, to the statues of gods in tombs to protect the dead. Finally, we see big figures of sculptures and Egyptian statues, either gods or mythical animals, used to protect the entrances of temples and wall reliefs in temples and […]

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