8 Useful Reasons to Study French

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Speaking is a skill that almost everyone has, but the language you speak can play a significant role in your life, but speaking French is quite interesting. You may already study French at your school, which may not be your favourite subject, but we will tell you the great reasons you should study French and how useful it can be when you grow older.

Learning a new language can be a great asset in your everyday life. Not only will you look cool among your friends, but many doors will open up for you when you grow older. And while all languages are pretty essential and exciting, some have more value than others.

Again, it doesn’t mean that some languages are not as significant. It just means that some languages can offer you more excellent opportunities. French is one of those valuable languages you will benefit significantly from learning.

Study French for Kids
Study French for Kids

1. Improves Your Brain

Learning any language other than your first one can significantly benefit your brain. The challenges with it help your brain develop better and faster, and learning French is no exception. In fact, learning French can be quite challenging to many people, given the different pronunciations of letters. Such changes can improve your thinking and learning skills altogether.

French, in particular, can be stimulating, for the structure of the sentences, the pronounced letters, and the grammar has nothing to do with English. This can make things seem hard at first, but that shouldn’t stop you. Once you get past these challenges, rewards will start flowing. These rewards will do great good for your development process.

2. A Language of the World

France is not the only country that speaks French, and that’s a beautiful reason to study it. French is one of the few languages that are found spoken on most of the world’s continents. It comes second in the most widely spoken languages in the world, right after English. 

Aside from France, Belgium and Switzerland speak French as their first language. Many African countries speak French, including Kenya, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire. Canada has French as its second primary language, with a great majority of the countries speaking it. 

All of these places, and we still haven’t mentioned the Arab countries that speak French fluently. This includes Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Lebanon. 

Countries around The World That Speak French

3. It Opens Up More Job Opportunities For You

When you grow older, acquiring a second language will do you better than making you look fabulous. Many jobs require speaking French fluently that you may be interested in. Also, studying French will open doors for you to find many jobs abroad. This means you won’t be stuck in a job you don’t like as long as there are more options.

One job you can look for if you study French could be teaching the language in schools or universities. You could also go after being a French translator and work freelance or for big companies. Writing in French is also an exciting job to aspire to if you happen to be on the artistic side.

4. French is Fun

French can be a little tough to learn as those who don’t speak it find its grammar relatively complex and challenging to learn. However, once you grasp the language well, you will enjoy moving forward. Also, the French language has exciting sounds that you will enjoy learning. Many people around the globe find the sound of this language quite charming and romantic. 

There is a notion that the rules that make up the French language intend to make it sound musical. How cool is that! It is exciting to speak, and it sounds like you are singing a beautiful, enjoyable melody.

5. Travelling Will Be 10x Better 

You will have more fun when you fly abroad with your family to a French-speaking country. You will be able to communicate with people on the streets. Not only that, but you will also get to make more friends and meet new people. These people will teach you new stuff about their culture and traditions; they may also help improve your language to sound more like the natives.

Your options for travelling will also be broader since French is spoken in many places across the globe. There are around 20 countries that speak French, and they are scattered on different continents. So, you have France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Senegal, Chad, Haiti, and more.

6. The Language of Great Philosophers and Scientists

When people grow older, they start developing a passion towards different stuff. Some fall in love with literature, others admire the consistency of science, and some really do like the absurdity of philosophy. If you find any of these subjects interesting, French will make things even more enthralling for you. 

French were some of the world’s most famous scientists, philosophers, and authors. They offered a lot of art, science, and notions to many generations to come. Studying French can help you understand the world better by going deeper into different studies. 

7. French Cuisine Wins the Food Scene! 

The food is fantastic. We all love to indulge in delicious desserts and tasty food. The good part is that French cuisine wins the culinary game. If you have watched Disney’s movie, Ratatouille, you will get what we are talking about. It is not like France has some clean rats who are good at cooking, but some of the world’s best chefs come from France. 

Food may not be a good enough reason to study a language, but it is one more reason to make French more interesting for you. You will be able to read the menu in French restaurants on your own. Also, you will be familiar with many food recipes that people around you won’t necessarily know, which makes you even cooler.

8. It’s Considered Prestigious

In most places around the world, studying French is perceived as an act of the elite and affluent people. Francophone is the term used to describe people who speak French fluently; francophones are seen as people on top of the social ladder. If you decide to study French, you will get many benefits and being prestigious is one of them. 

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